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Lenormand Oracle Card Reading | Single Card Draw

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These are Lenormand Oracle Cards. Though this deck is small, it is very much to the point. It will directly give you the answer to your current situation.

This kind of reading is not best for Yes/No worded questions. If you want insight or an outcome, message us with just three (3) key words that correspond to your inquiry. 

As I said, these are very direct in their meaning, so there isn't much room for questioning what it means. If you're wanting more insight, you should look into our two card spread that will expand on just single draw.

You will receive the reading outcome in your email within 48 hours after your order. Please check your spam folders in the email from The Devil & The Dame.

What Do I Need From You?
Preferably at least the names and birthday's of those involved. I don't need much background as that information works as a signal to find you.


I have been publicly reading tarot for 17 years, so you can be sure of a real straightforward answer and not just a guess.

Please note:
Tarot readings only foretell the future of the current path you are on. If you alter that path, then you alter your future. The cards are a guidance, not an assurance. Take heed of their warnings and truth and apply it to your everyday life.

We do not guarantee this will work and is meant for entertainment purposes only. All information below is based on old pagan lore found in grimiores and meanings should be taken lightly. All products are simply tools and curios.

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