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Corn Husk Poppet Doll | Male - Female Witchcraft Supply, Altar Decoration

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The corn husk poppet doll is hand made and all natural. They do not contain any additives for spells. You can get these all natural or dyed for a specific use (ie yellow for communion, pink for friendship, red for love, etc). Dyes are available through request only. Choose from male or female depending on the sex of the person you're directing the spell at.

Each doll measures 7 x 7 in, though sizes can vary slightly.

Voodoo dolls are used throughout the world in various practices for many different things and have been called many different names, such as poppet. They can bring luck, provide protection, cause harm, or just be decorative.

If you celebrate Lammas, these are a very popular decoration and also for spell work to bring blessings on yourself and your family according to holiday lore.


We do not guarantee this will work and is meant for entertainment purposes only. All information below is based on old pagan lore found in grimiores and meanings should be taken lightly. All products are simply tools and curios. We only sell the supplies, not the magick.

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