Blessed Yule Goat Pagan Holiday Card Download Pack of TwoDigital Download byThe Devil & The Dame
The Devil & The Dame

Blessed Yule Goat Pagan Holiday Card Download Pack of Two

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This is a PDF download with two cards. I would highly suggest a hard white card stock to print these on. This is a very simple card that still incorporates the pagan feel of the season by using the Yule Goat and the lantern to light the way through the winter darkness. The Yule Goat is traditionally crafted from thick stalk these and decorated in red ribbon. It's suggested that the goat is a symbol of Thor who rode through the sky in a chariot pulled by two. It was once made with the last couple stalks of grain left over from the harvest to honor and give thanks for their abundance.
The insides of the cards are left blank so you can write to your family and friends as you wish. You will be emailed the PDF upon purchase. 
THESE ARE FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. You do not have my permission nor the artists' permission to copy and redistribute these cards as your own. If you wish to have these printed in bulk for wholesale, please contact us for prices.