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Annual Tarot and Oracle Spread Reading

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The Annual Tarot Spead Reading is a lay for the entire year. Card one starts from the next calendar month from the time you purchase. 

Tarot is a great tool for insight and better understanding of life's obstacles. I have been reading tarot for the last couple of decades and still find it to be an invaluable tool in my practice. The decks I use I've had for years, so I've been able to develop a true relationship with my cards and trust them to always tell me like it is. 

The cost of this spread is high because the description of the card are long and it takes time to make it through this reading. The turn around for this spread is 48 hours.


I have been reading Tarot for two decade now and am very learned in the ways of using a single spread to answer multiple questions, especially a longer one like this.

We do not guarantee this will work and is meant for entertainment purposes only. All information below is based on old pagan lore found in grimiores and meanings should be taken lightly. All products are simply tools and curios. We only sell the supplies, not the magick.

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