FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About Our Occult & Witchcraft Store – The Devil & The Dame

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About Our Occult & Witchcraft Store

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About Our Occult & Witchcraft Store

Do you make custom spell kits?

Yes, we can. The prices will vary, but we boast a herb wall with over 100 herbs, flowers, resins, and more.


Do you offer bulk or wholesale price?

Yes, we offer bulk buys at a discounted rate of 20% of the item cost. This can be applied to any 6 or more piece order.

Wholesale is the price of the item cost and a 40% discount. We require at least a 15 piece purchase for these orders.

Our prices on the site include shipping rates in them, so you will have to contact us for these inquires.


What are your candles made of?

A soy paraffin mixture so they keep their shape outside of jars.


What are your shipping and wait times?

Wait to create your order is 5 BUSINESS days or less.

Shipping is standard priority for items over 1 lb (2-3 business days) and standard first class for items under 1 lb (3-5 business days). Some areas do not have a Saturday drop off, so your times may or may not include Saturday. Please check your local area.


What is your Return Policy?

Our Return policy can be found here: https://the-devil-the-dame.myshopify.com/policies/refund-policy

It's in the refund policy section.


Why do all of your items say Alleged? Does that mean they won't work?

Unfortunately, even in today's rather liberal society, we are legally required to claim that anything metaphysical is not real or that the effects are not guaranteed. In all honesty, while I do stand behind my product, not even I could guarantee perfect results in good faith. There have been plenty of times where fate or outside forces have stepped in and said, "No", even when I, myself, have worked the spell. Witchcraft is NOT a fix all and should be used as an added step to the mundane actions as a way to enhance the result. We DO NOT work against free will, except in extreme and dangerous circumstances where this is necessary. 


You sell fertility and love spells. Are you a scam?
No. Hahaha. We do NOT construct our kits with the promise of them MAKING you pregnant without having to do the deed or FORCING someone to love you. Witchcraft just doesn't work that way even if we wanted it to. Fertility spells are only something to HELP you in trying to conceive the same way a book would suggest trying a specific position during sex or a diet that MAY help. Love spells only work when both people still have love for each other.