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About Me

The Dame Hexe

Santa Muerte Altar Germanic Heathen Pagan

In short, my preferred practice name is actually just the Witch Lady in English, and in everyday life, my name is Shannon. I've been running my shop since August 1, 2017 and I couldn't be happier. I prefer candle and kitchen magicks, but I also have a rather interesting gift for Tarot and other divination cards. I adhere to my lineage's faith; the Old Germanic Sect, which later formed into the Norse and Anglo-Saxon. So you'll see a bunch of mixing, some older spellings, and also a slightly different take on the more well known Norse Gods. Now, I do still follow the Poetic Edda because much of it still relates to the original German Tribes, but you'll notice that I usually take it back much further when I actually know the origins of the subject. I am currently working on the largest known and complete herbal and foods magical correspondence grimore that I've ever known of. I want it just because I'll use it and I like to think that it will keep me always learning and studying. I love to write cookbooks and share my knowledge. I feel it's best to help people as I can and know how; which is also the reason why I try my best to keep my prices decent. I don't believe this work was meant to be a get rich quick scheme, but I'd also like to make sure people have a knowledgeable person they can trust is giving them the right stuff so it works the way it's supposed to. I started learning how to read Tarot when I was 11 and started dabbling in kitchen magick when I was about 14. I didn't start working with candles until I was little older, but I made charms since I was a very little girl. Charms and chants where the first kinds of spells I was taught. My grandmother and those before her were all witches, so it's definitely a family faith.


Pagan mom with witchlings and witchy kids 
Being a Pagan Mom

I am also a mom of (so far) two kids and the wife of a Palero. We have mixed our special paths to raise our children in our way. If they ask questions, we answer them. And if they want to participate, we allow them as much as we can.


The Shop: The Devil & The Dame

How the shop got it's name:

This is a very simple and short explanation and dates back to the witch trials. As we all know too well, the witches were said to consort with the Devil, so I felt a little fitting to call my shop as such. It's a good laugh, but I do it with respect to my ancestors. I feel like I'm taking all of the negativity I've dealt with growing up as an outspoken practitioner, even in grade school, and throwing it back. I'm old enough and wise enough to have a thicker skin than them and I have overcome that obstacle in my life of feeling as if I as wrong or silly.