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Journey Through Tarot - Major Arcana | Wheel of Fortune - 10 - Correspondences

The Wheel of Fortune - 10 -


Cycle of life, a turning point, good luck, major changes, destiny

Losing control, Fate-run, negative forces or bad luck

In this image you see the wheel of the year represented by the twelve zodiac sigils as a working gear with three smaller gears inside. The top one, the planets, the bottom right is the elements, and the bottom left is the pentagram, the symbol of the pagan faith and spirit. These three gears turn each other working in tandem, turning the larger gear, all playing their part in the greater mechanism of life. Lightly, in the background, you find the multitude of mathematical equations of circles and movement. You'll also notice this image is in the heavens showing that fate is still very much a part of our lives and that somethings may be out of our reach. The lesson in all this that there is a way we  can take hold of our fate and make our lives function. Yes, there must be balance to make it run smoothly, but we can effect how well oiled our machine is. There will be problems that need fixing, there will be a need for maintenance, and there will be days when things run better than others. But such is life. Be excited for the good days, and be prepared for the bad. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction, remember, so plan ahead and don't let the Gods make all the decisions for you. You must be an active participant. When dignified, this card symbolizes holding onto optimism for greater things are coming your way. A change is in the making, so be ready and enjoy it as best as you can. Try to think positively and that something good will come out of anything bad that happens. This can also represent something of a karmic reaction in your life. Make sure and work towards that outcome being a good one. You reap what you sow.


Reversed this card is the same meaning, just for the wrong reasons. You're having bad luck. You're life is significantly changing for the worst. Possibly losing touch with one of these gears and it's causing your machine to gunk up. Maybe an oil change is in your future so you can get back to owing your fate. Its feeling as if everything is out of your hands, but it's not. If anything, your inactivity or poor choices have brought this change into your life. However, good news is in there. Remember that without these bad times, the good ones wouldn't be so damn good. You wouldn't appreciate them nearly as much, so take a deep breath and think of what you can do to rectify or alter your outcome. Make your own fate. Watch out with dealings, as they may sour, and try to find a way out of them with the least amount of loss.






Clover, daisy, heather, jasmine


Amethyst, Opal

Special Card Combinations to look for

The Tower - A bounce back, avoiding a bad situation
Death with the Fool - A complete change from one course to another
The Devil - a problem with vices. Look to the dominant element for what type
The Sun with the World - Large amount of success
The Star - you're being put in the spotlight
Temperance - A peaceful outcome of events
The Hermit - Either the ending of a current relationship or the beginning of a new one.
Aces - a new venture
5's - risk

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