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Wax Reading

There are two ways you can read wax. The first is using the melted formations from candle spells and the other is using a scrying bowl. I'll be using some of my customer's images from the spell kits I sell, so the information will be limited and generalized for this post.

Melted Wax Reading

In the previous post we talked about how the candle melted as being a way to determine the main outcome of a spell. This is specifically for candle that are not in a jar, mainly because when you melt a full jar candle there's not supposed to be any wax left. However, when you use free standing candles, such as the male and female candles or the 7 knot candle, it'll burn down and leave a mess of the wax. In that mess is usually images, just like in Tasseography (which we'll start in the coming weeks). I, personally, use the same image meanings in both and have found them to be accurate. Placement of the image also has significance. All images on the left are in the past, the middle is present, and the right pertain to the future. Those at the "top", or the area furthest away from you, are emotional and the bottom is actual events in the person's life.

red wax with parts highlighted for image scrying In this image we see a balloon. It's not quite shaped correctly for a penis, though at first glance that might be what you're thinking. As a reader, you must study the images and work with what comes to you. Since the image is mainly to the left, this is dealing with a past issue. You'll also notice that this is a larger image and spans most of that side and it's moving from the emotional area to the physical event area. I, personally, read that to mean that they had tried to hope for things to get better and then attempted to make it happen in their life around them as well. They had really put the effort into the relationship to repair it or just to make it happy.
red wax with parts highlighted for image scrying

On this side of the image we can make out two faces, one is looking almost up, and the other is a side profile. This is usually seen when two people are lying down on a bed together or one is sitting in the other's lap, both are loving gestures. So from this being depicted in the bottom right, we can assume that the spell is going to bring them back together and have them closer than before in a physical way. So the hard work put in the past seems to be paying off for them in the future.

I'll post a complete list of symbols for reference in your studies. I like using this type of reading because it gives me more insight into the outcome of the spell as well as the issues surrounding it. In one reading I had a genital pop up in the physical past and asked if the client had cheated. Tuns out they had and this changed the entire approach to the Bring Back My Lover spell. And, yes, the gender of the genitalia can be significant. Your clients or even yourself are not always going to be so open to what the actual situation is and may not disclose all the important information, usually not on purpose. Sometimes we just don't want to admit the truth. Different people will see different things, so I find it best to determine the images yourself, though some say a fresh pair of eyes may be a great help.

Scrying with Wax

You'll use the same images in this type of wax reading, but how you go about it is a bi different. You'll need a scrying bowl. Some people opt for the black marble, but that's a little expensive for my taste, so I use just a plain white stoneware, which is clay based. You can use a black one or really any color play you like. You can even fashion your own from a salt dough and carve into it divination symbols and really make it your own. I've actually been debating on making one myself. The point is, just make sure your scrying bowl is made from all natural materials and don't use it for anything other than scrying. Use purified water because tap water can contain chemicals that interfere with the wax. Be in an area where there isn't a lot of moving air, like a fan or an open window.
For the candle you can go all out and carve in sigils or symbols, use an oil (I would recommend an herbal rub), and choose a corresponding color, or just stick with an all purpose white candle or colored candle if you have one. In the video I used one of my left over chime candles, but it was also just so you could clearly see the wax. I wouldn't suggest a large or figure candle for this. Maybe something a little bigger than a chime and be ready to hold it for a while.

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