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Glamour Magick | Using Cosmetics in Spell Crafting and How

The Different Ways to Use Cosmetics in Glamour Magick

There are many ways to utilize makeup in spells. As I said before, I, personally, use many of these in my daily makeup routine together for a well finished look that helps to enhance a certain aspect of my personality or bring about a particular mood for the day.

How to Use Crystals in Spells

You can use crystals to charge your makeup palettes, brushes, and such simply by placing the cleansed crystal into a makeup bag. The most common, of course, would be rose quartz, but here are some other suggestions. I also know of some people who use crystal blessed water to wash their face and their makeup brushes with. I don't use crystals, so if any of my readers are more in-tune with them, please share your knowledge and of course you'll be given credit.
Amethyst - tranquility, and helps with opening oneself up for spirits
Aquamarine - reduces aging and anxiety/stress, increases vitality, sea magick or summer time spells
Blue Lace Agate - increases calmness
Clear Quartz - all purpose and all around clearity
Citrine - for sun magick and to help increase happiness
Jade - reduces tension andColstress, increasing money and getting that promotion
Lepidolite - reduces aging
Shungite - absorbs negative energy

How to use Witch Sigils & Symbols:

Sigils are a bit of a grey area for me. I support using sigils you yourself created or ones you have used before with great success. However, there is a lot of caution to be told if you use sigils, especially when talking about Runes. There is almost always a "bad" side to using Runes because they have both a negative and positive meaning. The ones you see on the internet may not be safe because they could be fake. So, please keep that in mind. Symbols are obviously a pretty good thing to stick to since they really have the meaning you give them. These are also very easy to incorporate into your routine. You can simply use a small foundation brush and write them on your face before blending it in. These will stay with you until you wash your face, so choose them wisely. If you find you're going to need some other kind of symbol later in the day, I highly suggest washing your face and starting with a blank canvas. You can also use lip pencil or lip wand to write them or even words on to your lips and then cover with your lipstick. In recent years, the tribal sigils and symbols have been tsken and bent into an aesthetic. You'll likely see this all over Instagram, but I wouldn't take it so lightly. The old war paint had power and the symbols can still be used during rituals to help invoke or worn everyday to bring you closer to the Divine. Research your tradition to make sure you're properly using them and not appropriating another. While I am all in the mind set of copying being a sign of envy or love of the look, it can be a touchy subject. Do take notice though how they blend so well from culture to culture.

How Color Magic Can Be Applied:

This is pretty self explanatory. You can blend multiple colors in a palette to create a fierce look, or something muted for a light and airy take. Yes, these can even be used to invoke elements or call on deities to help you through the day. Here is a link to a previous post on the power of using color in your everyday. Colors are so powerful and should be used with intent so you can pull on that specific theme that you're for.


How I Use Glamour Magick:

So how I use it can be a little funny so some, I'm sure, but it works. I use mascara and eye liner to open my eyes to the truth. Eye shadows to either keep people from reading my mind (usually when dealing with people I don't like or trust) or to give off a happier, more calmer appearance. Usually it's just to bring about whatever mood I'm going for that day though. Blush is for a happy outward appearance and to also give a hint of youth. Sometimes, because I use Julep's Cream Blush, I draw small symbols or sigils and them blend them out for an extra step. Foundation I use specifically as a barrier so things that happen throughout the day don't get under my skin or irritate me. My bronzer or contouring is to hide away my anxiety and social awkwardness. My lip sticks are to work with my words and what or how I say things. Then, lastly, I use powder as a wall to keep away any unwanted attention or negativity. This, to a lot of people, probably seems silly or over done, but I highly recommend it. I always feel much more calmer when I go out because I do have social anxiety and these barriers seem to help me open up more than I ever would have or did before.
Let me know how YOU use glamour magick in your routines.

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