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Love Magick | Types of Spells and How They Work

Love Magick in It's Many Forms:

Pagans on a large scale seem to cringe anytime someone brings up love spells, but from a personal point of view, I don't honestly understand why. They are no different than other spells you would work and can't really go against a person's will. Though that part is also largely under debate as there are spells that can, such as banishings and bindings, but you never want to bring that up to anyone who's touchy on the subject. In my many years of paganism I would dare to say that there are many forms of love magick and they're outside the realm of just a sexual nature. I would really prefer they were called relationship spells, so for the sake of understanding where I am coming from, that's what we will call them from here on out in our blog series.


Work and Friends

Relationships come in all manners from physical to casual acquaintance. Friendships and even work relationships are in this category because they obviously have their ups and downs and really do have a huge impact on your day to day from your emotional to mental health. Sometimes they need help and sometimes they just to need to end. The reason I include these is mainly because on a psychological level, these can have the same kind of impact as a marriage or a partnership. I'm sure we've all heard the terms "work spouse", "friend zone", or how often couples cheat with those close to them. This is because of that same bond that links those relationships together. The difference between them is often choice and, well, attractiveness. Friendship is a key building block of all marriages and lasting relationships. They simply won't last without. So it makes sense from a fundamental level to include these.


Sex and Family

The other subcategories are a far more obvious. Fertility, Sex Magick, and of course Family. All of these pretty much come with the territory of relationship spells because it's often a catalyst of starting something serious. You're not going to try to win someone over just for a week, ya know?


Break-Ups, Grieving, and Unrequited Feelings

Another sub I would suggest, as far as relations go, would be Break-Ups, Grieving, and Ending a Love Spell. We all face break-ups and they can go several ways, which are all included. Either you're wanting one, the other person is and you don't, or the relationship is going downhill for someone you know and they need to escape it. These situations can also include fake friendships and poisonous family situations. Grieving is usually dealing with a passing of a loved one, friend, family member, or just the heartache of getting over an end of a relationship. I would look at ending "love spells" as kind of an odd situation. Mainly because, as I said before, I believe they only work with two willing participants. In this, I would most likely tell someone its usually dealing with unrequited love more so than forced. However, this could possibly be a situation of a forced marriage as they do still happen.


Self-Love and Glamour

There is also Self-Love and Glamour. Yes, I would throw glamour under these because they can work with both self-love and physical love. It can even make you more confident to find friends, seem more approachable at work, or help you highlight what your personality strengths are. Self-love is pretty understandable. You have to first love yourself before you can really have a meaningful relationship with any other person. If you're unhappy with who you are or how you look that will shine through instead of everything that makes you wonderful. So, self care spells are helpful to have.



So How Do They Work?

As I said before you have to have two willing people. The only time I would say there is an exception to this rule in the case of breaking up or dealing with a hurtful situation. Relationship spells can come in all forms, from doll work to simple candles and prayers. You can write a petition to a love God or Goddess in your pantheon or even create a grandiose high magick ritual. Herbs and colors are best utilized here however, since their properties are so easily utilized and there a hundred different herbs you can grab at the grocery store. You can read about the colors best used here, and yes there are a lot more than red. If all else fails here is a list of grocery herbs you can grab dry and sometimes even fresh.
Rosemary - general love
Poppy - fertility
Marjoram - best used in all love spells
Ginger - adds power or fire
Mint - money matters, family
Vanilla - romance
Lemon - break-ups
Basil - reconciliations, money matters,
Roses - general love
Carnations - friends, grieving
Daises - friends, babies
Cinnamon - spice up romance

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