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Candle Magick | Types of Candles for Spell Work & Their Uses

Candle magic can also depend on the type of candle used. Throughout this post refer back to the Color Correspondence post to match up these situations to better suit your needs. The more exact your spell the better the outcome.

Double Action Candles :

These are always one color on top of another, half and half. In these ones, black removes the bad out of that situation, and the other color attracts it. Always use different sigils on each half to enhance this affect by consecrating the candle for the specific work. There are also road opener candles that are orange in the bottom and the other color on top. Orange is the color to overcome, so every other color is to overcome obstacles in that particular situation.

Red - marriage problems, divorce clearing, moving past a broken heart, removing damaging personal habits before starting a new relationship.
Green - changing irresponsible financial patterns, money worries, picking yourself back up after bankruptcy, living without alimony, monetary lawsuits, job concerns
White - All purpose, bad habits, breaking hexes
Blue - Emotional pain, physical healing,
Purple - Psychic attacks


Novelty Candles :

These are vast and almost impossible to list, but here are some of the most common.
Seven Knob Wishing Candle - burned for seven days, for seven different wishes, or for seven-fold strength on the same wish. Each knob can be a different color, or any combination of colors that fit your need.
Bride and Groom - these are for couple magics, again almost any color can be used. You can also substitute two people candles and wrap a cord or ribbon around them to signify unity.
Lovers - new relationship, repairing relationships, etc. You can also use two people candles facing towards each other
Divorce Candle - Always black, this is the exact opposite of the Bride and Groom and depicts the couple facing away. You can also use two separate people candles spaced apart.
Male and Female - Used for work on a specific person, can be color combinations, or singular for any given purpose, but the magic is done on them.
Genital Candle - These relate to sexual behaviors to stop cheating or to seduce a lover. You can even affect the person's performance.
Religious Symbol Candles - all things spiritual.
Master Hand Candle - these are used to either gain control over a situation or to bless another spell or situation.
Eye in Pyramid Candle - burned for money spells
Seven Day Candles - Large pillar or glass encased candles used to draw out a spell so that the effect is longer lasting. These can be used the same as the Seven Knob Candle, or can be sectioned out into any amount of sections necessary.
Heart Candles - For love or emotional spells
Votive candles - These are more for offerings or petitions.
Angles - For angelic work and petitions.
Birthday Candles - Wishes
Cat Candles - Luck, can be good or bad depending on your superstitions

You can pretty much find a candle in any shape and use it for some kind of an intention, from trees and pine comes for Yule pumpkins for Samhain or animals figures for spiritual guides, the list is literally endless.


Candle Size:

Candle size DOES play an important role in your spell work. The longer the candle burns the longer the spell lasts and, more often than not, the better the results because of the time and energy given to the spell.

Chimes and tea lights - Quick work with fast results such as fast money spells, begone now bindings, etc. Things that need to be handled quick and in a hurry. However, if you have limited time and have to work a spell over a number days, you can light one every chance you have to add energy to the work.

Tapers - The longer they are, the longer they take to burn. Depending on your situation a basic 7" can go a long way. If you're doing a jar spell where you will return to the work to refix the spell, then these are perfect. They allow you to put in enough energy for the moment and then go back later if need be.

Pillars - These are best for devotional work because you usually relight them and blow them out. I feel as if they just get messy, but they do work for multi-day spells.

Jar - These usually last the longest and, therefore, have the best staying power for long term results and goals.

Arranging Candles

This is where designing your spell becomes important. You really have to connect to the situation and get a feeling for what's necessary.

For instance: You're doing a money spell and instead of just receiving a quick bonus or some extra money, you want something more like a promotion and herbs are limited. Add a couple little gold, silver, or even green chimes to the work. 

You want more happiness at work on top of this raise; add in yellow candles. Need some extra creativity or strength for the position? Orange are great.

Even placement can play a role in some cases.

If you're working with past issues, a black candle on the left of the work and a white one on the right can help to keep the bad in the past and then cleanse your future to make progress easier.

If you place a candle in all four corners, then you're working with a "fixed" set up. This gives the spell a particular barrier of energy to add or influence a situation heavily. 

One at the bottom, then you're focusing more on the physical aspect, where as the top is emotional or mental.

Surrounding in a circle is done for support as well, but more to keep bad energy out as opposed to in, like the fixed.

When you feel a spell needs a little extra push, add chimes or tea lights, but if it needs equal amount of energy, for instance in a love spell where you want friendship, happiness, romance, and abundance, 4 tapers to represent all of these would be most helpful because they're just as important as the love itself. 


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