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Timing and Spell Crafting | Weeks and Seasons Correspondences

So today, were going to talk about how timing effects your spell work. I want to stay this of by saying, though, that this isn't something you have to use and it can vary from tradition to tradition. (Ie, how heathen's don't really use moon magick.) That's also not to say that you can't incorporate it into your practice if you want to and how you incorporate it can be completely different than how I do. First, we'll start off with days and seasons. I'll have another post discussing the monthly moon phases up next week with a little more insight into how technical witchcraft can really get. Then I'll explain actual hours and times of day which is probably the most lengthy.



Days of the Week

Monday - Manadagr - Mani's Day

Ruled by the Moon (an old Anglo-Saxon reference), or Mani the God, this day can be tricky to use for spells. I hear a lot of people avoiding time, but I think it's just because they don't understand how to use this particular kind of energy. I suggest spells contacting spirits and mediumship on Monday. Trance, psychic development, scrying, and breaking in new cartomany decks are perfect for today. You can also practice mediation and working with all chakras. Some lesser known uses for today are kitchen magick of all types, reconciliation, theft, and even emotional journeys or binding spells. While all of these spells sound scary, the moon is also the Mother, so today would also be great for fertility magic as well. In Germanic practices this would be considered a Masculine energy.

It's colors and correspondences are

Silver, White, Grey, blues and purples on the darker shades, and even black.

Moonstone, Amythyst, Selenite, Flourite, and Ametrine

Jasmine, Deadly Nightshade, Sandalwood, Willow, Purple Tulips, Dahlia, Elder, and Wormwood

Tuesday - Tyrsdagr - Tyr's Day

Is the day for things that are going to be a battle to overcome. Hot Foot spells and other more nastier works to force someone to comply or bend to your will are best performed on Tuesdays. With it's warlike agenda, these are also best for spells to protect as well as defend yourself. Lust, rather than love, also perform better, as do ones to enhance things like sexuality and potency. Other spells you can work include, ambition, strength (physical or inner), energy, passion, BREAKING hexes and curses, and anything that includes a victory like sports and competitions.

It's colors and correspondences are:

Red, Orange, Pink, and sometimes Black

Bloodstone, Garnet, Ruby, Red Jasper, and Red Coral

Basil, Ginger, Black Pepper, Dragon's Blood, Patchouli, Red Peppers, Vinegar, Mustard, Birch, and Wolvesbane .

Wednesday - Wodensdagr - Woden's (Odin) Day

Wednesday is the day for travel spells, both physically and spiritually. Odin is well known for his eye that he sacrificed for the Wisdom of Ages, so today is also a great day to study, perform magicks that help you concentrate, work on goal making, focus, and alertness.  I would use this day to discover if anyone is working against you or getting to know your pantheon. Communication is also a great thing to work on, so light a couple of yellow candles and start a devotional with ancestors, or open up the pathways to better talks with people around you.

Its colors and correspondences:

Yellow, Purples, Green, sometimes Orange

Citrine, Agate, Adventurine, and Emeralds

Lavender, Eucalyptus, Sweet pea, Chrysanthemum, The Nine Herbs of Odin, Alder, and Forget-me-knots

Thursday - Thorsdagr - Thor's (Thunor) Day

While he is the God of thunder, there much more to him than the storms. They provided rain to grow the crops, so spells involving plants, planting, and growth (personal, spiritual, etc) are all practiced today. Luck, prosperity, and wealth spells will also do well. Other ones to consider are those concentrate around the home, hearth, and family life. You can also use today to add a boost to legal work, businesses (growth, start ups, etc), joy, writing, and also learning or teaching or other kind of leadership roles.

It's colors and correspondences :

Brown, Orange, Green

Smokey Quartz, Turquoise, Jade, Opal

Moss, Elm, Clove, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Bay Leaves, Sage, Oak, Marigold (Caledunla), and Geranium

Friday - Frijadagr - Frija's (Freyja/Freya) Day

Friday is for Freyja, the goddess of love and all things beautiful. You should specifically practice all types of love and beauty magick today, but also fertility, marriage, sex, and sexuality. Today is also a good day for reconciliation for any of these matters, like trying to reverse a divorce. Other forms of magick I would suggest are those involving the arts and any other creative form. She also very close to nature, so anything to do with plants, especially floral ones, are going to work extra well.

It's colors and correspondences:

Red, Pink, White, Green, Gold

Rose Quatrz, White Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Pink Tourmiline, and Aventurine

Cherry Bark, Rose, Yarrow, Hibiscus, Saffron, Safflower, Vanilla, Cacao, Dandelion, Adam and Eve Root, and Orchid

Saturday - Laugardagr - Bath Day

Saturday is the only day of the week that doesn't have a background in today's society. It's named for the Roman God, Saturn and back then it was just known as the day you get a bath. They obviously weren't so big on hygiene... With that being said, its correspondences for spell work don't actually meet up with the God, himself. So, while you could use this as a day for his name sake (which would be another day of agriculture, wealth, and such), you can also use it for these more serious and darker workings. Saturday is the day of the dead, the day meant to work with those crossed over, to help get over a deceased loved one, and a day to deal with things like time, limitations, and longevity. You can also use Saturday to help you locate lost items and even people. Today is definitely the day to perform anything in regards to binding and banishing, getting over addictions or bad habits and behaviors, and other more malicious intents. You could also use it for the hilarious Norse namesake and just clean; extra hard because they didn't.

It's colors and correspondences:

Black, Grey, White, Purple, and at times Blue

Hematite, Obsidian, Pearl, Pewter, and Jet

Cypress, Myrrh, Patchouli, Black Peppers, Salt, Oleander, Poppy, Primrose, Weeping Willow, and Grasses.

Sunday - Sunnadagr - Sunna's Day

Sunday is the day of Sunna (in Germanic faiths). This is the day to preform spells that make you shine above all for things like promotions, public speaking events,and other such instances where you are the center of attention or want to highlight your skills and attributes. This day is also great for working warm, happy spells, such as those for friendship, courage, or self-improvement. Sunday is also the best day for wealth spells. In Heathenry, this is a feminine energy.

It's colors and correspondences are:

White, Yellow, Gold, and Orange - Sometimes even red (the colors of the sun)

Citrine, Diamonds, Tiger's Eye, Sunstone, Amber, and Carnelian

Cedar, Frankincense, Lemons, Sunflowers, and St John's Wort



These are a little more vast and obvious. The way you can combine these two is not to think of them as the only time to perform these spells, but that they have a better chance at working or a heightened energy to them. The Germanic tribes only had two, though; Sumar (summer), and Vetr (Winter). Spring and Autumn were acknowledged, but weren't seen separate seasons because the days stayed relatively the same until the change from winter to summer.

Spring  - Var

Water elemental, new beginnings, fertility, herbs, plants, agriculture, children, starting over, cleansings, cleaning. goal setting, new things, money, prosperity, abundance, discovery, travel, and legal matters. This is a great time to try new techniques or pick up a new trade altogether. It is also a great time to start getting active again so you can work off all of those cold month worries and drear.

Summer - Sumar - Skammdegi - Short Days

Fire elemental, sea magick, friendship, communication, emotional, personal growth, consequences, happiness, joy, sun magick, strengthening, courage, self-development, social activities, competition, passion, action, revenge, sexuality, sex, and love. You'll feel bolder and more fearless, but try to stay cool doing so.

Autumn - Haustr

Air elemental, spirits, necromancy, divination in all forms, spiritual growth, astral travel, finding lost things, transitional magicks and also reflection. This is a wonderful time to start working on things that need special attention to detail, communication skills, and to start studying things you've been putting off in the warmer months. Prepare the crops and do a little extra work in the kitchen with cooking magick.

Winter - Vetr - Nottleysa - Long Days

Earth magick, death, necromany, the darker arts (so to speak), binding, banishing, self-healing, reflection, planning ahead, moving forward, family oriented spells and things to raises the spirits and keep joy alive. This is the ending of the year, so start working with having old habits ending, closing loose ends, or ending disagreements. Completeness is a good way to look at Winter if you're wanting a lighter feel to the season.


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