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Timing and Spell Crafting | AM, PM, Power and Witching Hours

How to Use Hours When Planning Spells

The hours are a lot more in depth and depend a lot on planetary alignment. Below is chart to assist with this kind of timing work as well as a list of what each planet corresponds to. Since we know that a lot of the planets correspond to Gods, I'll actually be noting them in the Germanic way and I'll notate below what each is. We will go over some fun superstitions further down. This chart basically maps out what hours are best for specific spells. These would be best corresponded the same way the days of the weeks are in this previous post. A lot of High Magic and true occultist swear by using the planetary alignment, but I personally find it a bit much. Everyday life gets in the way and I'm not going to skip work to perform a love spell on a Friday at 1 am, 8 am, 3 pm or wait until 10 pm. I'm lazy and you can be also.



Sunday:   Monday:  Tuesday:  Wednesday:  Thursday:  Friday:  Saturday:

1:    Sunna          Mani          Tyr                Woden               Thunor          Freyja         Saturn
2:    Freyja          Saturn       Sunna           Mani                  Tyr                 Woden         Thunor
3:    Woden         Thunor      Freyja          Saturn                Sunna            Mani            Tyr
4:    Mani             Tyr             Woden         Thunor              Freyja            Saturn          Sunna
5:    Saturn          Sunna        Mani             Tyr                     Woden          Thunor         Freyja
6:    Thunor         Freyja        Saturn          Sunna                Mani             Tyr                Woden
7:    Tyr                Woden       Thunor         Freyja                Saturn          Sunna           Mani
8:    Sunna           Mani          Tyr                Woden                Thunor        Freyja           Saturn
9:    Freyja           Saturn       Sunna           Mani                   Tyr                Woden         Thunor
10:  Woden         Thunor       Freyja          Saturn                 Sunna          Mani             Tyr
11:  Mani            Tyr               Woden         Thunor               Freyja          Saturn          Sunna
12:  Saturn         Sunna          Mani            Tyr                      Woden         Thunor          Freyj

1:   Thunor         Freyja           Saturn         Sunna                Mani             Tyr               Woden
2:   Tyr                Woden          Thunor        Freyja                Saturn          Sunna          Mani
3:   Sunna           Mani             Tyr               Woden                Thunor        Freyja          Saturn
4:   Freyja           Saturn           Sunna         Mani                   Tyr                Woden         Thunor
5:   Woden          Thunor         Freyja         Saturn                Sunna           Mani             Tyr
6:   Mani              Tyr                Woden        Thunor               Freyja           Saturn          Sunna
7:   Saturn           Sunna           Mani            Tyr                     Woden          Thunor         Freyja
8:   Thunor          Freyja           Saturn         Sunna                Mani             Tyr                Woden
9:    Tyr                Woden          Thunor        Freyja                Saturn          Sunna           Mani
10:  Sunna           Mani             Tyr                Woden              Thunor         Freyja           Saturn
11:  Freyja           Saturn           Sunna          Mani                 Tyr                 Woden          Thunor
12:  Woden          Thunor         Freyja          Saturn               Sunna            Mani             Tyr


Saturn - Saturn
Sunna  - Sun
Mani    - Monday
Tyr       - Mars
Woden - Mercury
Thunor - Jupiter
Freyja  - Venus

Power Hours:

1 am, 8 am, 3 pm, and 10 pm are all considered power hours. If you notice, the seven gods (planets) recycle or start over.  Because of this, these hours are considered exceptionally powerful when dealing with spells for that specific day. Think of it as... on Monday, you're doing work for the psyche and you decide to do it at 3 pm. The energy you put into that is amplified even more.

Witching Hours:

Usually said to be between 12 am - 3 am, but I've heard many say it was between 3 am and 4 am. ( I was born at 3:24 am, so I find that pretty interesting on a personal level.) However, this is another one I would say has A LOT of christian influence. The Devil's hour is at 3, so it would make sense that they would expect witches, who were the whores of the devil, to be conjuring him up into existence at these times. I would even chalk up the ideas of the veil being thinner at this hour being thanks to the millennia of persecution. It was very likely that the pagans would do their worship before they woke up and did chores, or in the late night after laboring all day. This would lead one to believe that maybe these hours were considered evil by the Christians simply because of the nature of beast. Is it wrong to use a "witching hour"? No, probably not, but know that it's likely not as true as you think it is.


Using an analog clock:
Do good work when both hands are pointed up and bad work when both are pointed down? This sounds a little Christian in origin, so I wouldn't go off of it, but I've read where people claim it works. I'm not knocking that it doesn't work and I certainly encourage anyone who is willing to try it. This, in my opinion, would probably be more in sync with a Christo-pagan or Hoodoo type of worship where the Bible and Catholic iconography is still largely in use.


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