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Journey Through Tarot - Major Arcana | The Magician - 1 - Correspondences

The Magician - 1-


Success, Power, Knowledge, Creativity, Bringing to Fruition, Skill, Resourcefulness

Manipulation, Greed, Untrustworthy, Mental Confusion, Not Using Potential


The Magician was given the number one because he bridges the gap between the spirit world introduced in the Fool and the now living world. He has finally manifested the change in the physical world he's been studying for and making it real. All of his discipline and practice is paying off. He represents the true magic in the physical and that it's time to start to creating your own in your life. Know what it is you're manifesting and use your very best skills and the connection you still have with the universe to make it happen. Above his head is the eternity symbol and all four elements are present in his work space meaning that each element is at your will. With such a can-do attitude, any desire you seek is attainable and the ability to grab it and make it happen will be given to you if you only look; think creatively. What ever endeavor you wish to start will come about positively. Being sure of your intention is key, though. Make sure you fully understand what it is you're wanting to do. Knowledge is power and this card is all about both.


This man is deceitful and a con, especially if the Devil is present in the spread. He's using his knowledge and resources for wrong doing and negative means.Though charming, it's for all the wrong reasons and he is rarely who he represents himself to be. If the Moon is near, then there is also a self-deceit, or illusion effect that you're under. You could be out of touch with reality and need grounding. You need to turn back to the Fool and reexamine the problem at hand from a fresh point of view. Take a deep breath and make a plan. In another sense you could be letting your talents go to waste or feel your true potential isn't being met and that you are wasting away. Was a dream career? A hobby you love more than your day job? Did you switch paths because of life or other reasons, but still think about that one thing you're ridiculously good at; a natural born talent. Find a way to get back to that path and your life will improve. This also applies spiritually.






Carnation, Rosemary, Vanilla


Agate, Sunstone

Special Card Combinations to Look For

The Sun : A great burst of energy to complete your goal. Be wary of self-absorption
The Moon : Your emotions are blinding you to your wants. If you do gain it, it will cost you greatly and may not be worth it in the end.
The Fool : Friends will assist you when the work is evenly distributed and you seem like its a goal based more on fun and experience, than getting ahead of everyone else.
Temperance : Working selfishly to help OTHERS reach their goal.
Three of Wands : Your goals or other life occurrences will come out in your favor. Great blessings are on the way.

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