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Journey Through Tarot - Major Arcana | The Hierophant - 5 - Correspondences

The Hierophant - 5 -


New religion or way of thinking, being a teacher or taught, conformity, following the rules, being part of a group

Rigid, abuse of position, cults or false worship, restriction, rebellion, losing yourself and/or control

The Hierophant, or the High Priest, usually means a new way of thinking or living, either religiously or in a philosophical way. Maybe you've recently learned something new, taken an eye opening class, developed a new interest, or joined a new religion. Whatever it is, it will change your life and for the better. It's opening you up a side of yourself you didn't know before and is filling a void you once had. In the above image you see a large pile of books next to an elderly man. This symbolizes understanding and a well learned individual; usually a teacher or someone in a position of influence. This is also amplified with the young children at his feet and him in a chair. It could mean that you are the one influencing, or that you are being led. In traditional decks, this would normally be a Pope figure equipped with a cross and religious robes, but some decks have abandoned this view as it can relate to any instances where someone is a leader and there are followers. When you pull this card it could also mean that you're a rule follower, you don't step outside of the box because the confines of the box have always worked and suited you. Instead of looking for a new approach or thought, you would simply change yourself to make it work, or someone in your life is this way and it's best to just follow. There is a time meant to stay in line and a time to forge your own path. It can also mean that you need such structure in your life and that the boring trappings of such will only make your life easier. Or you could be out of touch with your religious side and need to find something that speaks to your on a spiritual level.


You are being stifled by conformity and it's making you lose control and your own self by being forced to follow the rules. You should be questioning status quo or you're feeling as if you need to rebel and break free. You've been following the crowd for so long that you forgot yourself and are now waking up wondering if any of this is even what's best for you. This traditionally means you are the child in this situation, or someone who is being led, and you're rebelling or stepping away from the group. You can be criticized for this choice, but that's fine, you don't believe in the religion or the rules/teachings are hurting you more than helping. Leaving it behind and finding a new way will be healing and beneficial. However, this could also indicate you or another person are running things with an iron fist. It's your way or the high way, and any outside idea or opinion is flat out wrong. This can be a rigid idealism or way to go about things and its poisoning your flock. There is also the chance that you've fallen into the wrong crowd and are being led astray, lied to, and are starting to become a hive mind, like a cult. Or there could be a possibility of a closing of schools, groups, religious organizations, or workplace.






Lemon, sweet pea, gardenia, lavender, violet


Jade, topaz


Hidden timing, or waiting to be revealed.

Special Card Combinations to Look For

The High Priestess : The knowledge you are learning is going to transform you or your life
Justice : The knowledge you are learning should be shared and will transform the lives of others.
Lovers : You're surrendering to a higher cause for love
Chariot : You're letting fate lead you
The Devil : You're own desires are in control
The Tower : Something is disrupting the flow of your home life
Six of Pentacles : deals with receiving or giving to charity and it will deal with surrendering of some type
Five of Wands : Turning your passion into an income
Five of Swords : Joining some kind of a group that take you away from friends and family
Five of Cups : Loss of self-respect
Five of Pentacles : Self-pity

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