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Journey Through Tarot - Major Arcana | The Hanged Man - 12 - Correspondences

The Hanged Man - 11 -


Suspension, Limbo, Alternative view, Letting go

Self-sacrifice, Tied up, Indecision

The man in this image is chained to a beam above the underworld. His arms arm tied by the vines, signifying an earthly connection. The sun behind his head is the heavens shining through the stained glass window beset in a stone wall. What people don't fully realize with this card is that this is his own doing. This can be a form of self-sacrifice or forsaking oneself or one's needs for the greater good. You may be asked to do this in your life or to let go of something, but you'll receive better. This pose is what the decided to be in, so you're likely needing a new perspective of some type. Just try thinking out of the box, or on your head. (ha!) Once looking at the situation or problem from another view point, you will be able to make a better decision or have a better understanding. In less literal terms, the hanged man can mean being caught up or delayed in a way, or should be. Take a time out and let things rest before rushing in. New and better options may present themselves, or just a better way of handling the situation. It could also be that you're stuck in life, but instead of fidgeting and getting yourself into even more of a knot, take a deep breath and relax. Wait it out. Open up to new experiences. Surrender. Accept the circumstances and allow them to happen, for now.


The sacrifice you have given is returning nothing. Everything has been put on hold because of issues effecting you both internally and externally. It feels as if you're unable to move in any direction, but this lack of movement is due to a major change about to bulldoze through your life. This can also mean that you're arrogantly putting off a decision hoping it will work itself out, but it won't. Your own lack of movement can be a problem. The issue is still there, probably getting worse, and it still needs you to do something about it if you like the outcome or not. You could've lost your own way, religiously or emotionally, and can't seem to find your way to the greener side. You must accept the inevitable, change what you can, and try your best to find happiness.






Grape, ivy, marigold


Aquamarine, Tiger's Eye

Special Card Combinations to Look for

Fool - Unconventional
Hermit - Slow movement
The Devil - Overcoming addiction by going cold turkey
The Tower - No need for battle
The Emperor/Empress - Domineering person is best handled by turning the other cheek
The High Priestess - submit one's self to the universe
Two of Swords - Stalemate
Page of Swords - Dely

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