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Journey Through Tarot - Major Arcana | The Empress - 3 - Correspondences

The Empress - 3 -

Motherhood, love, elegance, beauty, harmony, abundance, nurturing, successful

Laziness, stagnation, wasted effort, problem within the home or relationship

Depicted here is a pregnant woman on silk sheets. Completely relaxing in luxury, beautiful and still powerful. On the pillow at her feet is the symbol of Venus, the feminine rune, because she is the ultimate female, full bellied and lovely. Her crown connects her to the mystical realm of fae and magick, which is where she gathers her power she's holding in her hand. She is still dangerous, so don't underestimate her even in such a fragile state. When you draw her, she is telling to to embrace for womanhood, or feminine side. Get sensual using all of your senses and don't worry about spoiling yourself. Take a day to dote on yourself and reconnect with who you are or find new ways to creatively express yourself. Find a new band, write something, draw, sing, or create a dance that lets it all out or just find a new hobby to love. This could also indicate a pregnancy if its accompanied by the Ace or Page of Cups or the Four of Wands. If the Ace of Wands shows up, then it could mean just the birth of a new idea, life path, or something equally changing. If you're already a mother or father, it could be pushing you to open communication with your children on a deeper level; become more nurturing, a better guide through life, or just grow closer to your kids. If you're planning a trip or have some time off, maybe you need to reconnect to the Mother Earth. With other earthy cards, you could use some time camping, hiking, or just spending a little while outdoors.


This card could meant that you're denying yourself by relying too much on other's opinions or emotional or material needs. You're feeling confused about a current relationship and have lost sight of the direction its going. You're not having a chance to be heard or to properly express yourself. You need to find someone, a friend or close family member, to share these feelings you've bottle up with. You're doubting yourself and your feelings and you should probably take a day or so to work things out with yourself. If you don't love you, then how will someone else be able to so properly?  Are you having problems conceiving? This card could mean infertility, or even an unwanted and unplanned pregnancy. It could also be an indicator that YOU are being overly protective or mothering your partner and it's putting a strain on everything. Step back and let them make some decisions. Generally speaking, you could just be missing something in your life and so you're more disconnected with yourself, having a creative block or just denying yourself better treatment. In the worst meaning, it could indicate depression or simply a negative mood looming over your head due to being overburdened. Try to relieve your stress before moving forward. Take a warm bubble bath, listen to soothing music, get out of the house and turn off your phone. After feeling looser, then you can follow your inner self and realign.






Hazelmistletoeolivesunflower, daffodil


Peridot, turquoise

Special Card Combinations to Look For

Emperor : The reading is focused on your father or lover
Devil : Oblivious to the hurt you're causing someone
Death : A relationship is coming to an end because of something you caused or did, or seem to be the cause of. It may have been unintentional or simply unnoticed as a wrong-doing.
Hermit : A Widow or old maid, lack of social skills to create long-lasting friends or love will leave you alone in life. You cannot get by just on looks.
Three of Wands : Material Success

Three of Swords : Alienation due to your own obliviousness
Three of Cups : Nurturing relationships if you ignore your own selfishness and concentrate on other's needs
Three of Pentacles : Teamwork, remember that you didn't get where you are on your own

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