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Journey Through Tarot - Major Arcana | The Emperor - 4 - Correspondences

The Emperor - 4 -

Fatherhood, analytical, systematic, authority, leader, your boss, a promotion

Control freak, a weak or cruel man, abusive physically, emotionally, or with power, lawlessness

This stoic man sits in his throne with keys and the elemental pyramids carved into the metal. He is the symbol of balance, order, neatness, and law itself. His hands folded over his stomach gives chance that he is not so hard, but is willing to listen if you have a good enough reason for your actions. This could be you, being in control or being given control in the form of a birth or promotion/new position at work. Maybe you're about to become the sole head of a household, but it's nothing you can't handle because you're built on confidence and authority. You are the provider and protector of your loved ones. You've experienced it all and have the answers to pass down the generational line. This card is one that signifies sticking it out until the end and working hard to attain your goals, so it could easily be said that your ideas and efforts will manifest monetary gain and accomplishments. It could also mean that you should let your emotions take a back seat and allow your mind to make all the decisions because this can affirm your confidence, self control, and focus, but be ready to impress!


This could indicate an abuse of power. Someone is dominating in the wrong way or overly rigid. It's his way or the highway. This could be you, your father, partner, or a boss, but it's almost always a man who is insecure and feels the only way to make a name or have respect is by throwing his weight around. This card can also mean you yourself is feeling powerless. Don't rebel from the status quo, though. No pickets are necessary. Instead, get in touch with the Emperor side of yourself and try to handle this situation logically, not emotionally. Maybe you need to leave a bad relationship, cut the cord, or start a new job. Why not get a little creative and start your own company? When discussing work, it could mean that you need more flexibility or independence; somewhere you can let your creative side out. Personally, this could be talking about you're inability to handle authority, be saying to end your ambition, or warn about a lack of self-control. End the chaos and find some order. When talking about relationships, this could signify abuse or a partner making you unhappy by being overbearing and possessive. This is becoming toxic and you need to either find your footing in the relationship and take back some control, or leave before things get dangerous. These are signs of a bad relationship brewing and it's eating at your freedoms and possibly your very self.






Carnation, ginger, mugwort, bay, loral, thistle


Ruby, Sapphire

Special Card Combinations to Look For

Temperance : Great Self-control
The Chariot : Rewarded with a promotion or leadership role after hard work
The Devil : Abuse of power (either by you or someone close to you) and crisis is coming to them.
The High Priestess : Love interest out of your league or a roadblock to happiness
The Empress : Balance, Someone who is your equal
Four of Wands : Establishing structures to make life better
Four of Swords : Patience and Virtue
Four of Cups : Sacrifice
Four of Pentacles : Closed-mindedness

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