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Journey Through Tarot - Major Arcana | The Devil - 15 - Correspondences

The Devil - 15-


Enslavement, Addiction, Over-Indulgence, Materialism, and Sex

Breaking Chains, Regaining Power, Overcoming, a New Path

In this deck we really don't see a "devil" in the contemporary christian way. Instead, it is a machine puppeteering it's makers to continue using it. It's meaning is that our devils are things we first make. Upright, it can mean just feeling trapped by our own devices, or feeling as if we are. In reality, we hold all of the choices and keys to the doors we are attempting to open. We only have to let our strings down enough to reach for them. You are not hopeless or helpless. You're likely always expecting the worst to happen and this fear is causing an imprisonment of failure, keeping you from fulfilling a more optimistic life. This feeling can also grows as we feed it, let it be through sex, drugs, alcohol, and other vices. Even anger can be a demon parasite taking all that you have until it is all that matters. It's all you know, feel, taste, and think of. It's what makes you wake up in the morning and not know a restful sleep without its comfort. It has chained you harshly and it will not let you stop shoveling it's coal. There are both male and female because it knows no particular type and can effect us all. In the least, it talks about the vices we are all subject to and that you should take a step back with a long, deep breathe. You're heading down the wrong way. This card can even indicate obsession to the point of danger. You need to remove yourself from whatever it is that is taking over your life and pay more attention to the aspects of. This can arise in the form of a relationship and it becoming abusive or controlling, a mental disorder, or a work project that you never leave. This is unhealthy for you and it's effecting those around you.


In the case, the reversal is actually the better, brighter side, in my opinion. It's showing that you are indeed being controlled either by financial debt, co-dependent or abusive relationships, a dead-end career, or other more problematic issues like overindulgence to addiction. The good news is you're becoming aware of this vicious cycle and are looking for a way out. You're in a place where you're wanting to change your ways and make adjustments to improve your status in life. However, the journey forward will be a difficult one and you must be brave and willing to stay the course. This isn't saying you won't run into problems or it will just happen for you. You have to make this movement to positive habits happen. If you're not already in an addictive or other kind of controlling environment, the card is telling you to avoid those kinds of situations altogether. Pay attention to your finances and habits and keep them from taking a negative turn. Drugs are not harmless and you could easily find yourself in the hole.






Bindweed, Blackberry, Bramble, Lobelia, Perwinkle


Amber, Bloodstone, Obsidian, Smokey Quartz

Special Card Combinations to Look For

If the Devil is followed by positive  cards, it means a release from those situations.
The Moon - Deception, hallucinations
Temperance - Abstaining from addiction
Heirophant - Corrupt organization or leader
Magician - Manipulation, con artist
Tower - Abuse
Lovers & Moon - Clandestine relationship
Ace of Pents - Forgery
4 of Pents - Embezzlement
5 of Pents - Debt, overspending
5 of Swords - Deception
8 of Swords - Confinement, prision
6 of Cups - Obsession with an ex
9 of Cups - Too much of a good thing

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