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Journey Through Tarot - Major Arcana | The Chariot - 7 - Correspondences

The Chariot - 7 -

Diligence, willpower, control over self, victory

Loss or lack of control, unknown direction, aggressive

In the steampunk version you see the traditional six pointed stars on her umbrella. These stars represent our connection with the spirit. The two mechanical horses are powered by the steam of sheer willpower. She stands confident and ready for whatever fight she heading towards and will come out ahead. You may not at first notice the goddess symbol at her forehead. It leads her divinely. This card also stands for triumph and overcoming obstacles by controlling the situation with your inner (or outer depending on circumstance) strength, determination, and hard work. You will be victorious. So long as you keep focus you will obtain your goals and any hardship or struggle endured will only make you stronger. Grab the bull by the horns, be bold, and pursue your plans at this time. Another meaning for this card is travel, of course, but usually by the road, like car, train, or bike.


Reversed this card can mean being dragged through the life uncontrollably. Fate has toppled you and taken the reigns. You're worrying things are spinning out of control when you should be focusing on what you can take care of. Put your energy into reclaiming little parts of your life first, and then tackle the larger ones as they come. Focus on finding a direction for your life. You could also feel like you're cracking under pressure or losing self-control. Your anger is turning into aggressive outburst and they're taking a toll yours and other's around you. Maybe YOU'RE the one with the control problem and need to lighten up or take a step back. It's fine to let another make choices sometimes. It could be that you've lived under another's foot and seek greater control in your own life. You're wanting independence and crave the confidence to start making your own life decisions instead of taking the advice or being under the guidance of others.






Iris, St. John's Wort


Amber, Flourite


1-30 Days based on the Moon Phases during the reading: If it's a new moon, it's talking about a new start, a waxing moon is a testing point, a full moon is a when you let go of what's not working and make wishes for the future, and a waning moon is the time you put the plans in action or walk away from whatever is holding you back.

Special Card Combinations to Look for:

High Priestess - The path to success is through wisdom
The Star - Your outcome is blessed
Strength - Gaining an east control
Hanged Man - Accepting defeat
Tower - Humbling experience
Magician - Using your will to win
Two of Wands - In authority or dominating
Six of Wands - Triumph with self-confidence
Seven of Wands - The fight is going be difficult, but the spoils are far more worth it.
Seven of Swords - Unlikely victory by quick wits
Eight of Swords - Confusion and self-dobt
Ten of Swords - Powerless or putting others first
Seven of Cups - The victory is what you've dreamed about but it could be too much of a good thing
Seven of Pentacles - The victory will take time, but it will be much more impressive.
Nine of Pentacles - Self control through discipline.

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