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Journey Through Tarot - Major Arcana | Temperance - 14 Correspondences

Temperance - 14 -

Balance, guardian, patience, purpose

Imbalance, loss of long-term vision, excess, overindulgence

This card is very close to the traditional. With one foot on land, stable in the material world, and one in the water exploring the subconscious. The angel dips their toes in to test the waters of the unknown before taking a dip. They're funneling water between the cups cycling through the sub and super-consciousness. Their entire background is balanced, equal, and almost perfect, but not quite. This card represents the same in your life. You have found balance and it's calming. There's a lull in your day to day, without stress and anxiety. You have the ability to take that middle path and avoid the worst part of life. You're thankful and are taking it easy, only touching the surface of the other paths so see if they're worth jumping to. There isn't a rush to meet your goals and you feel there right there at the end of the way. You have learned so much and have experienced so many new things in life, that this is a welcomed break and a time to reflect and access. Your guardian angel is lightly pushing you in the right direction. You find it easy to "play well with others" and work towards a common goal. If there is something you are having a time to achieve, this card is here to tell you to take your time. Patience is a true virtue and moderation is key. The situation will either resolve itself or the truth will reveal itself to you.


This is a time when we get overly excessive. We spend too much, eat too much; indulgence is a problem you're having right now. Its starting to drive a wedge in your life, though and you need to end the cycle. There is an imbalance that needs corrected. Maybe you lost sight of your goals; the glistening wants have proven more of a poor distraction than the actual prize. Take time and reevaluate. Find your way back to the beaten path and meet the true end. You're not cooperating with those around you and it's making life difficult.






Agrimony, foxglove, valerian


Obsidian, Apache Tears

Card Combinations to look for

The Magician: Medicine

The High Priestess: A psychic healer. 

The Lovers: A balanced relationship

The Chariot: Overseas travel 

The World: Higher education 

Ace of cups: The Arts. Spiritual work. 

Four of cups: Contemplating.  

Ten of cups: A happy and loving family. 

Queen of cups: A Humanitarian. 

King of cups: A diplomat.

Three of pentacles: Long career path. 

Ace of swords: Telling the truth. 

King of swords: Broadcasting. 

Two of wands: A successful idea/enterprise. 

Three of wands: Export/import. 


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