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Journey Through Tarot - Major Arcana | Strength - 8 - Correspondences

Strength - 8 -

Strength, patience, compassion, demonstrating control

Weakness, lacking control, ignorance, anger

In this depiction of Strength we see the traditional female figure with a "tamed" lion. The woman is there to show that there is more than muscle when speaking about a persons strength and the lion here is actually being assisted. There is an age old story about a lion who steps on a thorn that causes him great distress, but it is too small to be pulled out by him. A smaller jungle dweller happens by him and offers his help, but only if the lion will not eat him. Admitting he needed the creature's help, the small savoir removes the thorn. The lion thanks him profusely and, true to his word, leaves the creature alone to live out his life. Here we see that strength is also admitting when we need help, to let go of our pride and take assistance without shame. It could also refer to the usual prey, the woman in this instance, has inner gull and compassion to step up and offer help even in the eye of danger to its own person, but knowing this is what's necessary and a person's life, or a lion's comfort, is in danger. We can also read it as saying that help may come from unexpected places or that our strength will be needed in an unexpected way. Even in the original the placement of the arms and hands have a meaning, the left is holding the paw while signifying mental strength, and the right is what pulls out the thorn showing physical. She is unarmed and completely at the mercy of this large predator, but so is the predator. It's a show of balance and equal reliance on each other to survive. Above them, we see the infinity sign throwing back to the Magician, showing a need of power, resourcefulness, and knowledge of the situation, grasping it and using the skills you have learned so far to push forward. While the Chariot is mainly exerting outer strength, this card is focused mainly on what's on the inside; our mind, emotions, heart, and spirit, and how to utilize them to overcome all that life has to throw at you. This can also mean that you're taming your own inner lions and are coming out a stronger person. That you're developing a higher consciousness and are willing able to take responsibility of all that you do and use that to help your own life and others'. You could also be exerting or finding your confidence to assert yourself as you or be telling you to release that self-doubt. You will endure. You will overcome. You are strong.


This could mean that you're allowing yourself to be the prey of your own self-doubt or weakness. Don't be victim to your subconscious and remember that you are better, you are worthy, and you are the epitome of strength. Maybe you're suffering from a setback in life, the punches are seeming to keep on a-comin'. You need to remind yourself that this is temporary! Everyone's arms get tired and you should focus on the positive in your life because even when there is something going so terribly wrong, there are often many things going so even more wonderfully right. Rebuild your self-confidence and esteem and try again or go another way. You conquered this jungle king once before and you will again. Instead of looking to other people's strength to raise you up, you need to start making your own. Meditate on what makes you wonderful, what you're good at, and what you can lend to the world to make it that much better. This could also be read that you are in a bad place mentally and emotionally, lashing out in anger, losing control, and are reacting instinctively instead of being proactive or compassionate. You need to find an outlet and regain that control. Relationship wise, you could be relying more on this person to define you than what is healthy causing you to doubt yourself as well as them, and make you anxious or overly protective as if they or someone else would take it away.






Angelica, basil, comfrey, thyme


Cat's Eye, jasper


An important event will happen within 30 days. Prepare.

Special Card Combinations to Look for:

The Magician - mastery over self and possibilities
Temperance - mastery over aspects of the world around
Chariot - Hard to control
Hanged Man - Take your time
Eight of Wands - Stay the path and create new realities within it
Nine of Wands - You will endure
Six of Swords - lacking confidence
Eight of Swords - Avoid tension that is about you
Eight of Cups - Forge a new path and don't worry about leaving what you know behind (if reversed - losing strength)
Five of Pentacles - Sickness

Eight of Pentacles - Be patient and diligent in business


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