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Pagan Parenting | Why are Spirits Attracted to Children?

So, I had some odd encounters as a child with the other side up until I hit the age of puberty. I'm was almost as if my brain just stopped listening to that part of me. I expected to have some of the same things happen to my kids simply because things like that tend to travel in the family.

I'm using this post to discuss situations I have gone myself in both personally and with my son and how we have handled. I also want to discuss discerning between spiritual experiences and just faulty mundane items. Too many times have I read or talked to people who make any and everything a sign. Sure, some CAN be, but is it logical? Maybe, but I still stand by the thought that not everything in life is some spiritual awakening or sign from the Gods and such. Life is pretty... normal.


Driving My Mother Crazy

My father is retired military, now. When I was growing up he was often on naval tours and back then there wasn't communication when he was crossing the Atlantic until he got over to the Africa coast. During these tours we lived with my grandmother until I was about six.

When I was three I started developing my connection with the spiritual world through my great grandmother. She would come in the middle of the night when I woke up scared to tell me stories so that I would go back to sleep. I would later wake up in the morning and tell my mom and grandmother all about them.

It really freaked them out when I started to say that I thought my dad was dead because he wasn't able to call. Needless to say, my mom tried to stop my gift from developing out of fear. I definitely don't want to treat my kids like that when it comes to them hitting that special age of talking and still being innocent enough to attract spirits on accident. Some people, even as practitioner those brought up around the pagan faith, can still be very scared of particular gifts.



We own my husband's childhood home. It's old and, like most old homes, it has a past. When my son turned three he made friends with the little blonde boy in his closet. He didn't even know what blonde was, so it was an odd conversation.

My husband later told his sister about him having an imaginary friend, because that's what we put it off as. She then reminded my husband about the ghost in the closet that would play with her toys and tell her stories. We connected the dots and realized real quick what it was. Since the boy seems harmless enough, my son continues to sleep in the same room, now almost three years later, and we haven't had any issues. Things go missing, fall off his dresser, and general funny things, but nothing harmful or alarming.


The Rocking Horse

Around this same time my in-laws bought a huge riding horse for my son. At first it was normal. It has a sensor in it to sound off as it were galloping when it was ridden and a toy carrot put to it's mouth made a chewing sound.

As time went on though this horse developed a light sensitivity. It's more than that though. If it fades gradually from day to night, then it's normal. But if you turn on a light and turn it off it makes a neighing noise. We noticed that when we just covered its head it didn't notice any change. Then it stopped altogether a few months ago. My husband has our room blacked out due to his work schedule; day light is hard to sleep in. We moved the horse into our room so we could fix up his room and the horse started up again but worse. It would makes noises all hours of the night until we moved it back over. It's an off phenomena, but hardly ghost reactions.


This is one of those instances when I always suggest science before spiritual. Not everything is going to be a ghost just because one instance is. I think this is a good lesson in how one should and how another shouldn't approach the situation. Not everything is so spiritual. Weird, sure, but not unexplained. It's also not say that you shouldn't just shrug off such occurrences since kids so have an affinity for the unusual. Case by case basis.

Want to see the video of the horse?


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