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Pagan Parenting | How I Raise My Children in a Pagan Household

Being a Pagan Parent


This was a subject I was debating on talking about because it puts my family in a public light. However, I don't see many people discussing how to raise their kids in a pagan household. As I've said in other blogs, my husband and I practice two different faiths; I'm heathen and he's a practicing Palero and Osanyin Priest. So, how do we handle educating them? It's pretty easy, honestly.

Heathenry and YouTube

I follow this gentleman, Jackson Crawford, on Youtube who runs a in-depth channel on the Norse Religious texts, the Prose and Poetic Eddas. He speaks in the old Norse language as well. We listen to his videos on car rides and talk about the stories we heard. My son is still young, so he has a lot of questions and breaking things down on his level can be a bit challenging. He's absolutely fascinated though and loves to hear the funny stories from Neil Gaiman on my Audible as well. My daughter is a toddler so just listens to have a good time. I plan on continuing this until they both know the books well. I also buy the Norse mythology books or other subjects they would be interested in for lessons. So far, it's a hit! I would highly suggest this for any parent on the go as much as I am. 

Palo and Music

My husband does plan on having our kids scratched in the faith. Scratching is just a term for initiation. My husband talks to them about Osanyin and Palo whenever he gets the chance and we already have some spirits for our son to work with. Both my husband and son are excited about him coming to age. To teach him more about the Afro-cuban faith, we often play the Yoruba and Congo music. My husband has been studying the language so he can hard translate as best as he can. This faith is oral, so anything outside of stories passed down, makes the knowledge limited. We have had the honor of meeting some very knowledgeable people within the faiths. We use their own teachings to write down lessons for our children to learn later on when they're older.

Our Altars and Work

Since my son is a little older, I am letting him more and more into my own practices and what it is that I do. He hasn't been allowed to assist in any spells as of yet, but I hope to do so soon. My daughter loves my candles and is always trying to convince me to involve her in making them. She loves the decor I make, as well. So far, most of the questions are about my cards. As far as my husband goes, he has cleaned them several times and they seem more interested in what he does. However, we try to keep them out of major work and we don't let them near anything we sacrifice.



We do NOT believe in forcing our children into a particular faith, even ours. We'd prefer it, but it's entirely their choice. We have allowed our son to go to church services with family members. We also took our kids to a Mosque and a Hindu Temple so they can be introduced to other religious forms. We're very proud of their interest in our practices and will continue to feed those flames until they can decide how they are fulfilled.
We will continue this blog talking about the ways we educate our kids in the Pagan paths.

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