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Moon Magick Introduction | What is it and Moon Phases

What is Moon Magick?

Moon magick can be a little complicated. There's using the phases of the moon for everyday spells. (I say that like there are everyday spells. Hahaha.) Then there's doing specific moon rituals. For this short blog series, we will be exploring the moon rituals in detail and I'll give you ones you can do for the new and full moon. I'll go over the moon phases and what spells are best for each in this blog post. Both of these are very significant and should be studied.
Now, the reason why we do moon magick is because our ancestors would use the moon to tell the time; its how we developed months. The sun is mainly used for seasons since it's size and appearance is rather more constant. The moon also directs the tides and generates a magnetic force field that protects life on this plant from the most harmful solar rays. Needless to say, our ancestors didn't always know these things, but they still thought of the moon as protective mother figure. She's feminine because of controlling water (emotions) and she births anew every month (like the female's monthly cycles). So when using moon magick remember it can be rather volatile, but powerful, so make sure you know what you're working with and give her respect. We use it to guide our spell work because it's a demanding force that can aid in all forms, since its both renewing and in a since ending.

Moon Phases

You can perform a spell at any point you wish, honestly, but the energies are ripe for the picking.
Dark Moon - when you can't see the moon
Most witches won't work magick at this time, however it's perfect for banishing and curses. If you're trying to rid yourself or someone else of addiction or wanting to remove someone or be removed from a situation this is when those spells will be the most powerful. If you're not casting at this time, it's great for Divination and soul searching.
Waxing Cresent - when the first sliver of the Moon appears.
This is the time for fertility magick because the Moon is starting to grow. This is also a great time for increasing things in your life, ie money, friends, relationships, personal growth, etc. This is also a wonderful time  for starting anew; new life path, new job, new home, new relationship, etc. Spells that are asking for new things in your life are going to be the most powerful at this time.
First Quarter - when the Moon is half full
This is the time attraction spells. You already started a new path, but now you need to attract a better job prospect or a new partner. This will also help with any success magick you've been needing help with as well as finding your spirit guide or bonding with them. (Including those fur babies.)
Waxing Gibbious - when the moon is almost full
This is best for putting the finishing touches on whatever spells you've been working on, or just helping you finish a project or bring a part of your life to an end. For instance, you're getting out of a bad relationship and you're trying to start over, this phase will help bring that closure. Also great for giving you a boost of confidence, strength, and energy if you're feeling a little down or lazy.
Full Moon - When the moon is a complete circle
This is a very important time and any spells cast should not be taken lightly. These spells are meant to overcome challenges you're facing or obstacles that don't seem to be going anywhere. I would not suggest performing the mundane at this time, but you can also use this phase to help with your psychic development.
Waning Gibbous - when the moon goes from full to new
This side of the Moon is going to focus on getting rid of things in your life. Again, this is another great moon for closure, but also for cleansing. This can be a time for a monthly "spring cleaning" in your home. Use sage, remove negative energy, and clean your crystals, and divination and other spell tools.
Third Quarter Moon - another half moon, but it's going towards the dark moon phase
Temptations that you're dealing with are the types of spells you should be working on. Is someone dealing with infidelity? Having a hard time staying on your diet or exercising? There are spells to help you stay your course and remove those tempting things out of your life or at least diminish them. This also a great time for transition magick.
Waning Cresent Moon - the last little bit before the dark moon
This is the time to end things. If they're serious issues, save them for the dark moon. Remove any bad habits or people from your life and bring them a swift ending. This is also a great point to continue any cleansing in your home to finish removing any stress or negative energy that may still be lingering.



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