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Candle Magick - Divination | Lychnomany (Flame) and Capromancy (Smoke)

These are fairly quick subjects because it's rather cut and dry, but they're still very important to at least know about. If you ever get a chance, I highly suggest that you work this into your witchy repertoire.


This is lighting a candle and gazing into the flame to divine. You can use the same images, but these ones, in my experience, tend to be more mobile and play out in a story. I don't do this often because I have toddlers and this takes a large amount of concentration and you must be in a place where you won't be disturbed. Make sure there isn't a lot of air flow that could disrupt the flame or cause a misreading. With this I prefer a taper because they're a decent medium size where I can carve into it what my question or intent is and also do an herbal rub.
Here is a simple spell to practice your flame gazing:
Set up three candles in a triangle shape. They should not touch or be too close to one another, so at least two to three inches away from each other. Turn out all other lights and light the candles using the same match. Ask one question at a time while gazing about 6 inches BEHIND the candles.
If one flame starts to reach higher than the other two, the answer is yes. If two reach higher, then the answer is no.
If one flame wavers, or bends, it means there is a journey ahead. If more than one wavers, then there will be a long journey. This could mean physical, psychic, emotional, or developmental depending on your question.
If a flame spirals then someone is working against you. Two flames is a group of people. This could also indicate some pitfalls or obstacles you have to overcome. Ask more questions to be sure.
If a flame rises and falls, it indicates danger if you're not asking a yes or no.
If a candle sparks, then it's telling you to be cautious.
If one blows out in its own, then there;s bad luck down the road.
If one shines more brightly than the others, then there is good luck ahead.


Reading the smoke is pretty cut and dry.
If it blows towards you, then your prayer or spell will be accepted and worked in your favor.
If it blows away, then there are obstacles to overcome. However (!), if you're doing this for someone else, it could mean that the smoke is traveling to them. Watch for speed and distance.
If it wafts to the left, then you're too emotionally invested and could sabotage the outcome.
If it wafts right, then you should rely more on your head to pursue the situation.
You can also read smoke the same way you do flame gazing. This is best done with an open fire, though so that you can see clearly and get the best results.

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