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Kitchen Witchcraft - Herbs and Spices N - S Magical Correspondences

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Herbs and Spices for Cooking

This list is undeniably LONG. So long, I couldn't do it justice without giving one blog per ingredient. Given this, I will write a very small blurb about each and then post under it one or two sources for greater detail. These will be direct links to the GREATEST herbalist blogs I have ever had the grace of finding.

A-G    H-M    N-S (here) T-Z




Nasturtium - (Female, Venus, Fire) Glamour spells, healing, self-care
Nutmeg - (Air, Male, Jupiter) Luck in gambling and legal cases, attraction in love, money and business, clairvoyance, protection, breaking hexes  Witchipedia


Oolong - (Male, Earth, Earth) Study, clarity, alertness.
Oregano - (Female, Venus, Air) Happiness, tranquility, luck, health, protection and letting go of a loved one, psychic dreams, handfasting ceremonies, strength, vitality   Witchipedia


Paprika - (Male, Mars, Fire) Add energy to spell work, keep away enemies  
Parsley - (Male, Mercury, Fire) Protect the home, prosperity, luck, restores well-being, lust, fertility, motivation, purification, misfortune, strength, spirit communication  Witchipedia 
Peppermint - (Female, Venus, Air) Increase vibrations, healing, purification, prophetic dreams, anointing, cleansing, change, boost love, abundance wishes 
Pink Peppercorns - (Female, Mars, Fire) Specifically relationships, spice up a love life, banish bad energies from a relationship
Poppy Seeds - (Female, Neptune, Water) Confusion, causing arguments, delaying paperwork



Red Chilies - (Male, Fire, Sun) Healing, spice up a relationship in some situations, baneful work, breaking up relationships, heating a situation up
Rooibos - (Male, Water) Healing, energy
Rosemary - This herb can pretty much be used in any instance, but it's specially for studying, remembrance, healing, love/lust, purification, cleansing, handfasting ceremonies, dreams, blessings, fidelity, loyalty, and dispelling jealously Witchipedia


Saffron - (Female, Sun/Mars, Fire) Wealth, recognition, strength, exciting sexual encounters, psychic abilities

Sage - (Male, Jupiter, Air)  Purification, grief, loss, mental ability, wisdom, healing, all forms of health and longevity, removes negative energy Witchipedia

Salt - (Male, Earth, Earth) All purpose, can be dyed to bring out purification in specific instances (green for money, red for relationships, etc)

Sarsaparilla - (Male, Sun, Fire) Sexual vitality, health, love, money, excite passions

Sassafras - (Male, Saturn, Earth) Health, money, overcome addictions

Savory - (Male, Venus, Fire) Sensuality, sexuality, and passion; great for sex magick!

Serrano Pepper - (Male, Mars, Fire) (See chili pepper) The hotter the pepper, the more agitated the work. 

Sesame Seeds - (Female, Saturn, Air) Aggravates the dead, success, abundance, lust, passion

Shallots - (Male, Jupiter, Earth) (See Onion), This is a little less effective than regular onion, good luck

Spearmint - (Female, Mercury, Air) Healing, love, protection during sleep, strength, vitality, wishes

Star Anise - (Female, Uranus, Air) Psychic awareness and abilities, luck

Sumac - (Male, Saturn, Earth) Harmony, resolves difficulties, gives favor in court, add to smudge sticks for calming effect

Szechuan Peppers - (Female, Venus/Mars, Fire) Adding zing to a relationship or sexual encounter, can also be used in baneful works, stops gossip or bad mouthing




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