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Kitchen Magick | Herb & Spices A – G Magical Correspondences

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Herbs and Spices for Cooking


This list is undeniably LONG. So long, I couldn't do it justice without giving one blog per ingredient. Given this, I will write a very small blurb about each and then post under it one or two sources for greater detail. These will be direct links to the GREATEST herbalist blogs I have ever had the grace of finding.



Allspice - (Male, Mars) Money, Luck, Healing, Determination, Energy Love, Fertility, Abundance, Adds power to a spell it's in Herbal Riot   Witchipedia
Anise - (Male, Mercury) Divination, All forms of Love Magick, Dreams, Psychic work, Abundance, Cleansing, Concentration Herbal Riot   Witchipedia
Angelica - (Male, Venus) Protection, Exorcism, Healing, Banishing, Cleansing, Removing hexes, Purification Herbal Riot   Witchipedia
Arnica - (Male, Sun) Protection, Prosperity, Crops, Psychic Powers Herbal Riot     Witchipedia
Asafoetida - (Male, Mars) Protection (probably the best for it by far), Exorcism, Purification, Increases the power of spells it's added to Herbal Riot



Basil - (Male, Mars) Relaxation, Happiness, Love, Peace, Money, Harmony Herbal Riot    Witchipedia
Bay Leaves - (Male, Sun) Cleansing, Psychic abilities, Healing, Banishing, Exorcism, Luck, Love, Fidelity, Protection Herbal Riot   Witchipedia
Bergamot (Extract) - (Male, Mercury) Peace, Relaxation, Happiness, Removes hexes Herbal Riot
Black Pepper - (Male, Mars) - Banishing, Exorcism, Protection Herbal Riot
Borage - (Male, Juniper) Courage, Happiness, Healing, Protection, Psychic abilities, Money Herbal Riot



Caraway - (Male, Mercury) Fidelity, Love, Memory, Passion, Protection, Marriage, Honesty, Abundance Herbal Riot
Cardamom - (Female, Venus) Attraction, Charm, Relaxation, Sex Herbal Riot    Witchipedia
Cayenne Pepper - (Male, Mars) Protection, Strength, Separations, Remove hexes, Passion, Protection, Courage Herbal Riot
Celery Salt - ( See Celery & Salt)
Chervil - (Feminine, Mercury) Used in 9 Herb Charm, Joy, Wisdom, Spiritual Growth Herbal Riot
Chive - (Male, Mars) Love, Passion, Mischief,  Action, Protection, Healing Herbal Riot
Cilantro - (Male, Mars) - see coriander
Cinnamon - Psychic abilities, Love, Consecrating tools, Luck, Prosperity, Protection Herbal Riot
Chamomile - (Male, Sun) Money, Peace, Love, Tranquility, Happiness, Relaxation, Soothing Babies Witchipedia
Cloves - (Male, Jupiter/Uranus) Protection, Banishing, Achieving the end result, Money, Luck Herbal Riot     Witchipedia
Coriander - (Male, Mars) Mainly Love Herbal Riot
Corn Husk - Corn Dollies for charms and poppets Shirley Two Feathers
Corn Silk - Love (Same link as Husk)
Cream of Tartar - This is an acid that's actually formed during the fermentation of grapes, so, I would say, same qualities
Cress - (Male, Jupiter) Concentration, Study Magic Spells & Potions
Cubeb Berries - (Female, Venus) Love, Sex Herb Magic
Cumin - (Female, Uranus) Lucky, Protection, Love, Marriage Herb Magic



Dandelion - (Male, Jupiter) Divination, Wishes, Spirits Herbal Riot
Dill - (Male, Mercury) Glamour, Protection, Money, Luck, Lust Herbal Riot



Elecampane (Female, Venus) Love Herbal Magic



Fennel - (Female, Mercury) Courage, Confidence, Fertility, Health, Love, Protection, Memory Herbal Riot    Witchipedia



Galangal - (Male, Mars) Health, Legal issues, Removing hexes, Money, Psychic abilities Herbal Riot
Garlic - (Male, Mars) Love, "Black" magick, Luck, Protection, Banishing, Strengthen a spell Witchipedia
Gentian - (Males, Mars) Love, Power, Strength Herbal Riot
Ginger - (Male, Mars/Sun) Adds power to spells, Love, Prosperity, Success, Speeds work up Herbal Riot    Witchipedia
Green Peppercorn - (See Black Peppercorn) Same as the Black, just dealing with more of the Monetary, Abundance, Prosperity, and other "Green" type spells.



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