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Kitchen Magick | Herbs H - M Magical Correspondences & Properties

This list is undeniably LONG. So long, I couldn't do it justice without giving one blog per ingredient. Given this, I will write a very small blurb about each and then post under it one or two sources for greater detail. These will be direct links to the GREATEST herbalist blogs I have ever had the grace of finding.

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Hibiscus - (Female, Venus, Earth) Beauty, Self-love and care, lust, divination, dreams
Himalayan Pink Salt - Purification, Love, 



Irish Breakfast



Jasmine - (Female, Moon, Water) - Divination, wards against snakes, spirtual love, soul mates, sexuality, prosperity, Ostara, tantric
Herbal Riot
Juniper Berries - (Male, Saturn/Jupiter, Fire) Purifying, protective, divination, anti-theft, enhance male interest and potency, and glamour



Lavender - (Male, Mercury, Water) Purification, study, love, fertility
Lemon Balm - (Female, Moon) Love, Aphrodisiac, Fertility 
Herbal Riot
Lemon Balm - Success, psychic/spiritual development, love and attraction charms, healing from mental/nervous disorders.
Lemon Grass - Psychic cleansing and opening, lust potions.
Lemon Verbena - Increase attractiveness, prevent dreams, increase effectiveness of any spell it's added to, purification baths, attract the opposite sex
Licorice - Love, lust, fidelity, attract a lover.
Linden Flowers - Love, protection, keep the spirit alive and healthy, Freya/Frigg



Mace - Concentration, focus, self discipline, reuniting rituals.
Marjoram - (Female. Venus, Air) Love, dream divination, family and marital happiness
Mint- (Female, Venus, Air) Psychic and verbal communication, Winter celebrations, the dead and underworld, personal strength, break bad luck and jinxes, keeps away trouble
Mugwort - (Female, Venus, Earth) Protection, divination, astral projection, lucid dreaming, travel, clean ritual tools, Midsummer
Mustard Seeds
Myrtle (Bayberry) - Love, fertility, youth, peace, money, bring beauty, attract true friendship,creates a peaceful and loving atmosphere.



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