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Journey Through Tarot - Major Arcana | Justice - 11 - Correspondences

Justice - 11 -

Balance, Law, Equality, Legal Matters, Truth

Dishonesty, Unfairness, Criminal, Lack of accountability

While in traditional tarot, justice is usually blindfolded to show impartiality, in this deck they use the scales with diamonds and a feather. Both hold the same weight and therefore are equal in her eyes. The cards falling from her hand are the reversed hanging man (indecision/water), queen of wands (determination/fire), eight of swords (restriction/air), and the ace of pentacles (new business/earth). Each is a facet of justice and also an element. There are both good and bad and we must deal with them throughout life. Without both, this simply isn't a fair world. In literal terms, the Justice card can mean a court ruling in your favor. This card calls for the utmost fairness, even if it's not in your favor. Take a step back and look at the situation from an intellectual perspective where you can make the best decision. You are the judge, but can you make this right? Be truthful and honest with yourself and others. Playing fair will give everyone a positive outcome.


Either someone in your circle or you, yourself, are being dishonest. There is a sense of superficial belief or it's always your way or no way, removing the availability for justice to preside. This can also be a literal interpretation of an unjust ruling, jail time, or a ticket. It could be a clouded mind not passing fair judgement. It could even be that life and the universe are seemingly dishing out unfair trouble. If the path is becoming too difficult, take a break, but be sure that you're headed in the direction you're going for a reason. You could also be a very black and white kind of person. This card is meant to tell you that sometimes in life there is a little grey or a splash of color, and doesn't mean it's a bad thing. Let loose and try not to be so rigid. Try to get back in touch with that human part of yourself.






Garlic, honeysuckle


Cat's eye, Jet

Special Card Combinations to Look for

Magician - being mislead
The High Priestess - someone close to you has all the answers.
The Emperor - Rational and practical male figure
The Hermit - Time for deep thought and contemplation
Temperance - Balanced emotions
Five of Wands - Imbalance
Two of Swords - Indecision, two minds
Five of Swords - Dishonest
King/Queen of Swords - Lawyers or police
Ace of Pentacles - Contacts with business have a blessing
Two of Pentacles - Maintaining balance 

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