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Image Meaning Dictionary for Divination, Tasseography, & Candle Magick

Here is a list of symbols that I personally use. These can be used for wax readings, flame gazing, smoke reading, and tasseography.


Acorn : at the top means success and gain, but at the bottom means good health.
Aircraft : journey; if broken means danger of accident or unsuccessful projects; can also mean a rise in position
Anchor: good luck in business and a stable love life, rest, stability, constancy; at bottom it means clouded or inconstant.
Angel: good news, especially in love-related matters; someone is watching out for your best interests
Ant : you are in industrious person, but there is more work ahead
Apples: long life; success in school or business; knowledge; achievement
Arrows: bad messages or news from the direction in which the arrow points
Axe: difficulties; if at top overcoming of difficulties; someone near you may be planning to stab you in the back with lies, deceit


Baby: something new, pregnancy, small worries
Bag: a trap; if open, escape
Ball: completion, variable fortunes
Balloon : Your troubles will be over soon.Bear: trouble ahead
Bell: harmonics, creation, spiritual, unexpected news; good if near the top, good news, wedding to be set
Birds: good luck, possibly a good journey; will be pleasant and productive; ascension
Boat: a visit from a friend; life path (note size of boat); protection
Bouquet: very good luck, including good friends, success, and a happy love life
Bridge: a good journey
Book: you will find your answer by something written, if open it’s good news; if closed you need to investigate something
Bush: new friends, opportunities, something growing in life
Butterfly: success and pleasure; transition, transformation, fickleness


Cabbage: jealousy; with dots, at work
Candle: enlightenment, sacred light, creation flame, help from others
Cap: trouble, take care
Cat: deceit, a false friend, keep eye on treacherous friend/relative
Car: approaching wealth
Castle: an unexpected fortune (monetary or otherwise)Chain: DNA, engagement, a wedding, chain link, karma
Chair: a guest
Chicken: No take off, not meeting potential or not having the necessary tools to move forward.Cigar: new friends
Circles: expect money or presents; success, completion; with a dot inside means a baby
Clouds: trouble; with dots, many problems; if flecks scattered, troubles soon over, if solidly grouped, financial woes will soon materialize
Clock: alchemy of time and consciousness, better health
Clover: very good luck; happiness and prosperity
Coffin: lengthy sickness or the death of a loved one
Coin: change in financial status, money coming
Comb: an enemy
Compasses: business travel
Cow: prosperity
Cross: trouble, delay or death, protection, sacrifice
Crown: success and honor
Cup: reward, blood lines



Dagger: warning, danger from self or others, power, beware of recklessness
Dish: trouble at home
Dog: good friend, Sirius, celestial connotation, Egyptian god, Anubis; if at bottom, friend needs help
Dolphin: To see one means emotional trust. Jumping out of water means happy and fun times ahead.
Door: opening (to something new) or closing (old issues and relations), spiritual (portal), odd event
Dragon: large and sudden changes
Duck: money coming; everything is happening according to plan



Eagle: honor and riches achieved through a change in housing
Egg: good omen, creation, new beginnings, sacred geometry
Elephant: luck and good health; wisdom, strength, trunk up indicates overcoming obstacles or a good omen
Envelope: message coming, positive or negative
Eye: creation; open (awakening); closed (something not seen)


Face: a change, may be a setback, many faces can mean various things so pay attention to their position.
Fan: flirtation
Fairy : feminine side, mystical way of life, the soul
Feather: ascension, lack of concentration
Fence: limitations, minor setbacks, not permanent
Finger: which finger, pointing in a specific direction or it emphasizes whatever sign it points at
Fire: sacred flame if at top achievement; at bottom danger of hasty movements or decisions
Fish: good news from another country; good fortune
Flag: danger
Flowers: love or important honor may come to you
Fly: domestic annoyance, minor annoyance may become major problem if not addressed immediately
Fork: speak with false tongue, false flattery
Forked Line: decision
Fox: backstabbing from a close friend
Frog: be ready for dramatic change in life
Fruit: fruitful, prosperity (depends on the fruit too), planting something new.



Gate: opportunity, future success, ancient civilization, portal, doorway
Glass: integrity
Glow: enlightenment
Goat: enemies
Grapes: happiness
Greyhound: hard work paying off with good fortune
Gun: disharmony, slander, anger, sex, quarrels



Hammer: challenges overcome; hard work needed, getting a point across
Hand: creation, if open means friendship; if closed means an argument
Harp: creation harmonics, love, harmony
Hat: success in life; head, consciousness, improvement
Hawk: jealousy
Heart: good things to come, such as money (if surrounded by dots) or marriage (if with a ring); chakra, pleasure, love, trust, compassion, someone is there in whom you may confide
Horn: abundance
Horse: if galloping means good news; if just the head means a lover or nebula
Horseshoe: success in choosing a partner; a lucky trip; good luck, attraction, Earth’s magnetic, Omega or Leo, closure, go ahead with your plans
Hourglass: imminent danger; time running out, need to decide something, synchronicity, illusion, creation, take more time for decision
House: security, change, business success



Iceberg: danger, planetary meltdown, ice age, consciousness frozen in time
Insect: depends which one, problems are minor and easy to overcome



Jewels: Pearls, Diamonds, gifts



Kangaroo: harmony at home
Kettle: death; (if its on the right side) not a serious illness
Kite: a long trip leading to honor; wishes coming true, flying free
Knife: disaster met through fighting and hatred; broken friendship, hidden enemy, avoid misunderstandings with those close to you, Mind your health, beware of potential lawsuit



Ladder: promotion, a rise or fall in life, DNA
Lamp: turned on means enlightenment, at the top means a feast; at the side means secrets revealed; at the bottom means postponement
Leaf: new life
Letter (square of rectangular leaves): news; initials nearby signify the bearer of the news; dots with the letter means money, but if the image of the dots is cloudy, it means loss of money
Lines: journey, and the direction of the journey (when reading with nearby symbols); wavy lines mean difficult journeys; straight lines can also mean peace, happiness and a long life
Lion: Leo, Omega, Closure, influential friends, strength, Zoroaster
Lock: obstacles (if closed); new information unfolding (if open), lock and key are phallic symbols of creation
Loop: loops of time and creation, avoid impulsive actions, slinky effect



Man: near handle, a visitor: clear and distinct, a dark person; vague, a light colored person
Mask: something hidden, excitement, insecurity
Moon: happiness and success; a crescent moon means prosperity; if full, romance is ahead, a half-moon is time to leave old projects and move on to new ones, a quarter moon warns against making hasty decisions
Mountain: a powerful friend; (if many mountains) powerful enemies; obstacles or a specific area, great goals, or difficulties
Mouse: theft
Mushroom: a sudden separation of lovers following a fight; at top means journey or moving to the country; near bottom means rapid growth; if reversed means frustration



Nail: injustice, unfairness
Necklace: complete, admirers; if broken means danger of losing a lover
Needle: recognition, admiration



Oak: health, long life, tree of life
Octopus: danger, 8, infinity
Ostrich: travel, not seeking a truth
Owl: sickness, poverty, warning against starting a new business, deceit in love and other unlucky events, gossip, scandal



Palm Tree: success, honor, place were they grow
Parasol: open (you will glean insightful information), closed (something hidden), raining (water symbol of creation); new lover
Parrot: repeating something, a twin, a journey, people talking and saying nothing
Pear: wealth, social status, possibly a financially beneficial business move or marriage
People: symbol varies with what they are doing, but the symbol of people is usually good
Pig: a faithful lover but jealous friends; greed or prosperity depending on placement
Pine tree: contentment
Pistol: danger
Purse: at top means profit; at bottom means loss


Question Mark: need for caution



Rabbit: success in a city; need for bravery, time and illusion
Rake: watch details, planting seeks, reap what you sow
Rat: losses through enemies or employees
Raven: bad news, death that leads to new beginnings
Reptiles: arguments
Ring: marriage; if a letter is nearby, it is the initial of the future spouse; if the ring is at the bottom, it means the marriage will not take place; if the ring is surrounded by clouds, it signifies an unhappy marriage
Rose: Rose bloodline, creation, flower of life, love, may be accompanied by a fragrance in the room, popularity



Saw: trouble from strangers; interference, tear apart, something viewed
Scales (old-fashioned, weight-measuring ones): a lawsuit; legal issues; if balanced means just result; if unbalanced means unjust result
Scissors: arguments; a break-up; illness; possibly separation
Shark: danger of death
Sheep: prosperity and success; good fortune
Ship: a successful or worthwhile journey
Shoe: sole/soul, condition of shoe is important, transformation
Snakes: a bad omen; take caution!; wisdom; (if the snake is attacking an enemy or a person) a small misfortune may only slightly impede your plans for success, you shall overcome the effects
Spider: weaving together, reward at work
Spoon: generosity
Squares: comfort and peace
Star: good luck; if surrounded by dots, wealth, and honor; health and happiness, hope, heavens, Isis and other goddesses, female energies
Sun: happiness, success, power
Swan: good luck and a happy love life
Sword: arguments, especially between lovers; a broken sword means an enemy will win



Table: social gatherings, outside the box
Tent: travel, cover, hidden truth
Thimble: changes at home
Tortoise: criticism, usually beneficial, slow-moving, Turtle Island (Earth)
Tower: disappointments
Trees: good luck; prosperity and happiness; if surrounded by dots, fortune will be found in the country; improvements of life, creation, book of life, your life path
Triangles: good luck or an unexpected inheritance; something unexpected



Umbrella: difficulty; annoyance
Unicorn: scandal
Urn: Death; funeral



Vase: a friend needs help
Violin: egotism
Volcano: harmful emotions



Wagon: a wedding, wagon wheels (wheels within wheels)
Wasp: romantic problems
Waterfall: prosperity
Wheel: inheritance; if complete means good fortune; if broken means disappointment
Wings: messages
Woman: your great desire is for love and happy family life
Wolf: jealousy
Worms: secret enemies



Yoke: domination



Zebra: adventure, especially overseas, black and white





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