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Journey Through Tarot - Major Arcana | The High Priestess - 2 - Correspondences

 The High Priestess - 2 -

Listen to your gut, Inner self, Mystery, Wisdom, Deeper Knowledge

Closed off, Lack of intuition, Gossip, Secrets, Disconnect with femininity


She stands symbolizes truth, serenity, and understanding. There is something off about her though. she withholds a kind of intuitive knowledge that is meant to be taught, but not used to control, the true depth of reality depicted between Solomon's Temple pillars. She is the gateway to that mystery we ask for in the cards, her crystal ball the mirror into a higher knowledge we so elude with the Goddess symbol front and center. She is that spiritual enlightenment, divine knowledge, and wisdom. The gears on the pillars pull back the curtain, the veil of awareness, to allow entry to those who are worthy. She is there to teach you that you should listen to your inner voice and pay attention to your dreams. What areas of you life need more attention or fixing? Take time to meditate or just to relax in a quite place and let the answer come to you. Your inner self already has the answers, to open up to them. For males and females it could also mean to get more in touch with their feminine side, feel your emotions or you may fail. You're denying your more emotional and intuitive side.


You're ignoring your inner voice. Switch it back on and take time to meditate. It may take longer to come to you because you're out of practice. Stop trying to solve your problem and take a time out. Again, she already has the answer and is trying to reach out to you to tell you. You could also be very reliant on the opinions of others and need to learn that in the long run they don't matter. Your opinion and feelings are what make you, not the ever changing people in your life. Find what makes you unique, yourself, and embrace it.
Another meaning is that you're learning occult on a superficial level or just to be popular. It could also indicate gossip, hidden agenda, or issues under the surface. Demand the truth and don't allow others to keep secrets from you.






Acacia, Lemongrass, Sandalwood


Moonstone, Rose Quartz

Special Card Combinations to Look For

Heavy Wands : Stay focused on your creative work. You're a natural.

Heavy Swords : Don't react to an argument or anything that is said against you. Stay quite, calm, and reserved, then talk it out.

Heavy Cups : (or cups near the priestess) You should cool your emotions; get all the facts first.

Heavy Pentacle : You have good money making idea. Don't let others tell you otherwise.

Heavy Two's : (or a two is near) You're acting selfishly and are imbalanced.




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