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Journey Through Tarot - Major Arcana | Hermit - 9 - Correspondances

The Hermit - 9 -


Solitude, searching, guidance, and introspective

Isolation, loneliness, and detachment

While this card is typically dreaded, it is actually a good pull. When we think of a person who has mastered something in life, they're usually older, hence the aged man with a long white beard. What this truly stands for is a person who has achieved a great goal and mastered it. He stands above those a teacher and is looking back at the city as a leader more than turning his back on society. The mountain is showing his path to the top of his league. His age is due to his struggles and the time he has put into it, his seeming loneliness is just him proving to be the better as there can only be one at the top. However, you see that he is indeed not at the very top showing that there is still more to learn. The star in his lantern is lighting the way, guiding him forward and giving something for other's to follow, for he now the teacher of those below. His beard is to show is wisdom and knowledge. When you draw this card, it's telling you to look inward, maybe take a trip away, to get a better understanding or deeper knowledge of a subject. Step away from the constant of day to day life and contemplate life, your actions, principles, and what motivates you. There is an itch to start anew and this card is urging it, but only if it leads you to the truth you're searching for. And what is that truth? Unfortunately, this is often a destination you must reach on your own, so solitude and shutting out may just have to happen. This could also mean to choose those close you carefully. You're above most and should only speak with those who assist in your enlightenment. It can also be said that you have attained a greater spiritual level and are someone that others look to to help them find their own.


This can mean one of two things. Either you have been isolated too much and need to reconnect with the world around you, or you haven't been taking enough time away and need to reconnect with your inner spiritual self. If the latter, you should rejoin the working world. Peel back the curtains, stop ordering delivery and amazon, and phone a friend or family member. You may start to be feeling alone or forgotten, but remember you're not. While this card does say the journey to the top is often a long, lonely way doesn't mean that some social activities are out of your league or not a good idea. You still need that outside connection for a healthy, well-rounded growth. If you're too much of a busy-body, slow down, maybe take a holiday and shut off the phone. If you can't, take some time everyday to shut yourself away. You need to reconnect with your spirit and remind yourself why you're here and what your deeper purpose is. If you're in a relationship it could mean you or your partner are shutting themselves off from the relationship, or at the worst, may be trying to shut the other off from the outside and occupying all of their time or simply not allowing the other to see friends and family. If you're single, you're hurting for a relationship and that one on one human connection with another person on a deeper connection.






Angelica, chamomile, sage


Bloodstone, peridot


Aug 21 - Sept 20

Card Combinations to Look for:

The Emperor - An overly domineering male in your life is stifling
The Empress - Study how the universe works, psychic phenomena, and the soul to find your path
The Lovers - A seperation
Hanged Man - Guilt over something others have let go of
Temperance - You're living life too wild and should find fun in other ways. Warns of drug and alcohol abuse.
The Star - You're on the right path
The World - Involvement in the world
High Priestess - Withdrawal for spiritual growth
Many wands - You're awakening your creative spirit
Many Swords - Your critical words and hurtful opinions leave you lonely
Seven of Swords - Loneliness
Many Cups - You're overly emotional and it's pushing people away
Two of Cups - Connecting with potential partners
Three of Cups - Group endeavors
Four of Cups - Introversion
Eight of Cups - Finding a deeper meaning
Many Pentacles - Your job not allowing time for socializing

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