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Candle Magick | How to Herbal Dress a Candle & Use Sigils & Symbols

This week we will be discussing what goes on the outside (or in) your candle. These items paired with color meanings will only solidify your intent.


First we have herbal dressing. This is rather a quick one since it's pretty easy. You check up on the correspondences of herbs, plants, and resins, then find the ones that pair best with your intent. I find that both store bought and the "all naturally grown" work the same. I haven't had one do better or worse in any of my spells. So, yes, you can run into your local grocery store and pick up what they have on the shelf. Organic is also a personal choice. I've been on a budget and bought from the dollar tree before. Now, you work it into the candle two different ways, or both if you want to. You can either slightly melt the wax and pour some of it out (best done with jars), add your herbs, and then add the wax back. Just don't over fill it and don't use too many herbs either as it can start a fire. The second way is to rub an oil on to the candle and then roll the candle in the herbal mixture. Of course with this, the herbs are best stuck on if they're ground and the candle works best if it's not in a jar. Burn with care! Never leave the room with it going, and don't burn an herbal candle for longer than an hour or two. Safety is always first.


You can you use either pre-designed sigils like Runes, or make your own.  There are HUNDREDS of sigils that are passed down through different pagan religions, so don't feel ashamed by using them. I often use Old Germanic and Alchemy sigils. The only time I really make my own is if I can't find one that sticks out or I'm doing something very personal.

If you would like to know how to make your own sigils, follow this quick tutorial. (I'll make a video and link so it's easier to understand for others.)

Let's say your intent is to get a down payment for a house. To get this down payment you need some overtime and you need to budget your money better. This is a rather complex and very specific situation and you're unlikely to find your ancestors talking about down payments and over time. So write out your intent.

I will receive over time and budget my money to save for a house down payment.

Go through and remove any and all repetitive letters.

I w l  rec  v  o    t m  and bu g    y          s    f     h          p      .

Now bring them together and stare.


There's a lot here so let's remove the vowels.


Still quite a bit, but you can make this work! Obviously a lot of these letters can be combined to form the other letters, v is in w, a b is a p and a d, n into m, etc so remove those easily combined.


I removed h,because if you extend the handle of the m, it's an h with an extra hump. All of a sudden, we have a very workable few. You could even go as far to remove the w, since upside down its an m.

From here, arrange them in a pattern that speaks to you. Watch the video for clarity on this part and the like letters.


I separated this from the sigils, because symbols are different. To me I think of symbols as a heart, star, dollar signs, happy faces, anything that's more of a picture meant to represent something obvious. Using the same example above, you can even just simplify the entire process by drawing a piggy bank with a dollar symbol in it and both of those inside a house. Much less personal, but easy and effective.

All of these can be used together in a very powerful combination that allow you to focus and direct your intent better than just thinking about it while a candle burns. By using all of these it's almost like a permanent and unwavering intent, even if your mind wonders, like mine always does. I hope this helps you on your journey through candle magick. Always post any questions and concerns you may have.







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