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Kitchen Magick | Grains, Cooking Ingredients, and Sauces

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This section is a little more difficult because while each ingredient has it's own properties, what it creates takes on a life of it's own. It's not always the same as other cooking methods, like making a soup or a roast. Some cooking ingredients don't even have real "magickal" properties. They're just necessary because a scientific reaction is needed to get a rise or a particular change to happen. These properties can change because of the occasion they're used at or even the colors of icing. You can have any kind of cake at a wedding and it wouldn't make it any less of a wedding celebration cake.

As far as the sauces, I would always suggest looking at the ingredients list and comparing those qualities for an overall feel. Every sauce is signature to it's company, so these are based on a typical ingredient list. I would also like to note that I highly recommend staying away from the reduced, lowered, or free of whatever as they tend to have less of the real and necessary ingredients to make it magickal. 

So let's get into some of the ingredients it takes to bake, cooking oils, grain, and all that.



All Purpose Flour - All purpose uses and can sub when needing something to mix together or get sticky
Almond Oil - purification, anoint magical wands and candles
Apple Cider Vinegar - Healing
Arrowroot - use in place of bone meal and baking powder, purification, healing


Baking Powder/Soda - Banishing, raising energy, increasing expectations
Balsamic -  Made from vinegar and grapes, this would be used specifically to sour someone's luck, joy, or ruin their spirituality
Barley - Water for love spells, healing, grounding, protection, Lammas, treating nerves
Barbecue Sauce - Most of the ingredients are actually sweeteners, so I would use to help bring a relationship back from the brink of break up, settle disputes, or it can also be used to cause these problems.
Blue Cheese Dressing - see blue cheese
Butter - Smoothing relationships, buttering someone up, tenacity
Buckwheat - grounding, prosperity, protection


Chia Seed - Stops gossip and back-talk
Coconut Oil Chastity, protection, and purification
Cornmeal - Sigil making, casting circles
Corn Syrup - luck, protection, solidifying plans and ideas.



Egg - fertility, creation, see this post
Extract - depends on the flavor and if its all natural, in my opinion, synthetics don't have magical properties.


Flax Seed - Money, protection, beauty, psychic powers 


Gravy - depends on the meat base, see this post


Hops - Sleep, happiness, health
Hot Sauce - Can depend on the pepper, but usually put in curses and break ups to sour or cause aggression


Italian Dressing - Banishing, cleansing, removing negativity check out this recipe to make your own.


Jellies - Depends on the fruit, see this post 


Ketchup - Healing, love, See tomatoes


Lard - drama, enhances energies of other foods, grounding, fertility, strength


Mayo - Cleansing, faith, healing, check out this recipe
Mustard - (the condiment) Courage, faith, endurance, success, healing, check out this recipe



Oats - Money, prosperity, offerings to the gods, specifically Brigid.
Olive Oil - Sacred plant, can sub any magickal oil for anointing, add to ritual water and holy water, spirituality
Oyster Sauce aphrodisiac, sexual identity


Peanut Butter - Depends on the nut, see this post
Peanut Oil - see this post
Pesto - strengthening love, prosperity, check out this recipe
Pink Himalayan Salt - Love, self-love, beauty, happiness



Ranch Dressing - in my opinion, this is just an all purpose use kind of item based on the ingredients to make it. Check out this recipe.
Relish - See cucumber in this post. Check out this recipe.
Rice - Protection, fidelity 
Rye - Self-love, encouraging affection, fertility, love, fidelity, self-control


Salt - There is a difference between sea and table salt. Table salt contain iodine. Iodine coagulates your blood, so this can help with the normal healing abilities. Sea salt is perfect for circles, sealing off an area, purification, health, healing, banishing, cleansing, etc. 
Soy Sauce - Protection 
Steak Sauce - Cleansing and banishing, check out this recipe
Sunflower Oil - Sun rituals and magick, fiery situations, purification through fire.


Thousand Island Dressing - Health, check out this recipe



Vegetable Oil - this one is a little iffy. It can be used as a cheap anointing oil, but the results will wane over time. This is more for passing occurrences or making things spoil quickly.
Vinegar - Break ups, sours dispositions, can eve turn enemies working together against each other.

Vinaigrette - these vary from recipe to recipe, so i would suggest looking up the ingredients in each to reach whatever your goal is. Here are 21 different recipes.


Wheat - Sacred to the Mother Goddess, prosperity, rebirth, abundance, wishes, money, wheat flour divination
Worcestershire Sauce -  This is a fish based sauce, so it's likely to have water based properties such as healing and purifying. Its ingredients list also suggests banishing as well. 



Yeast - Grounding, purification 






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