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Timing and Spell Crafting | Full Moon Names and Meanings

Full Moon Names and Meanings

You typically only name the first full moon of the month and, if there is a second one, it's known as the Blue Moon, by default. You can call them by another name as well; e.g. Storm Blue Moon, etc. These are traditional names from the natives that were recorded in the farmers almanac and passed down from generation to generation. These names can overlap  months in some cases, but generally do not. This overlap is caused from the months not running moon to moon. There are always thirteen moons in a year, but only twelve months, most likely due to superstition.



Traditionally, the full moon in January is called the Wolf or Storm, but it can also be known as the Old Moon and Snow Moon. Generally, I would suggest that this is a great time to get in touch in ancestors and spirit guides. It's still the season of winter, so they'll be more receptive. The names were given to January because it is often still snowy and starting to storm often. You can also hear the wolves howling and see the most activity at this time. Wolf Moon folk lore can be found in Germanic tribes as well as Native American and Scandinavian.


Usually known as the Snow or Hunger Moon because hunting has become so scarce due to the temperatures. The heaviest snows also usually fall during February. This is a great time to work magick in regards to getting through tough times. The natives also called it Bone Moon because they would gnaw on bones to get by.


March is the beginning of the planting season. The winter weather is finally letting up and the grounds are thawing. This gives way to the names Worm and Seed Moon. Crows are also about in droves everywhere which is another sign of spring to come, so sometimes this month is also called Crow Moon, depending on the activity and warmth. In the Northern States, sap will start to flow from the Maples, so they call it Sap Moon. This the perfect time to work any spells for new beginnings, new homes, new goals, wishes, and those wonderful things. I would also suggest giving thanks for the upcoming planting season and hope for bountiful harvest.


April is known as the Pink Moon because of the pink ground phlox (small flowers that are usually first to bloom). April is the blooming month for flowers and other plants, so it's often known as the Sprouting Grass Moon. Other names are Fish Moon, Hare Moon, and Egg Moon because this is the starting of mating season. Fish will be plentiful in the rivers and the animals for hunting will be giving birth or laying eggs. This is also the best time for killing weeds, planting, thinning, and other gardening activities. Get out there and plant your herbal garden, work fertility magick, and continue any new beginning's work you started in March.



"April showers bring May flowers," and May is most usually known as the Flower Moon for all the blossoming plants. Other names are the Mother's Moon, for fertility and birthing at it's peak, Milk Moon for cows, and Corn Planting Moon for the start of the autumn harvest planting season. This is the best time to really get into blessings, abundance, prosperity, and any other kind of spell that looks towards to the future and deals with the beginning of families or children. 


These days, June is known as Strawberry Moon because the fields of strawberries are ripe for picking. Other berries and fruits are often harvested at this time thanks to the Natives who noticed the perfect timing. In Europe, this was the time for honey harvesting, so it will often be called Honey Moon and even Rose Moon, for their best blooming month. We'll also see that this is the time when meadows are mowed for hay, so some areas will call it the Mead Moon. However, this name can also carry over into July. With it's warm, hot days, June is optimal for love and attraction work, especially with roses. 


Mead can be brewed and sweetened with berries and honey for a pretty potent and quick love potion.This time of the year is when you'll see the full grown deer in swarms also gives July the name Buck Moon because deer start growing their antlers. July is also well known for it's constant thunderstorms, so Thunder Moon is also a Native name. In many Germanic places, this was known as Wort Moon, because they would harvest wort plants, e.g. St John's Wort. July is another month where bountiful blessings is requested. Love magick can also be very powerful throughout this month as well


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Up north, this is usually known as the time of the Sturgeon Moon since their population was ready to be harvested. Other areas more commonly call this moon the Green Corn, Wheat Cut, or Blueberry. This is the time before harvest, so many peoples were busy in preparation. August is ending of the summer months, so wrap up any firey projects you were working on throughout the summer. Take the time for some Sun worship before the days get shorter and don't forget to work on building courage, joy, and other pleasant artifacts that will help you keep that warmth throughout the winter.


This is the time of the Harvest Moon. Collection of the wheat, corn, and other items are to be stored and kept for winter when food is scarce. It's also the best time for picking squashes and other autumn vegetables that last longer without much preservation. Other traditional names are Corn and Barley Moon. The moon is also often very bright, which allows for continued late work. Every three years the harvest moon is actually in October, so check before doing your Harvest Ritual work. Back then, most were too busy for celebration. This was a time of work, so take a break or take part in the business of the season. 


Full Hunter's Moon is pretty obvious. This is the best time for hunting that fattened game, like pheasants and other birds and deer. This is historically a very significant time to the Native Tribes as they were the life and death of the tribe. They would hunt, salt, and store as much as they could find. This is also the time when the veil between the living the dead is starting to thin. Prepare your house for unexpected entertainment, work protection magicks, and build up a better connection to the Gods, spirits, and ancestors. 


The Beaver Moon is really a name from the trappers who would catch and skin animals for their pelts. This was a tedious process, but necessary preparation for the snowfall. Others call it the Frost Moon since this is the time when the first frosts happen. Now is the time to come in doors and focus on the family and yourself. Pull out the Sun charged items you made in the summer and try to keep the smiles going. Winter time can be very difficult emotionally, even today, because you feel so cut off due to the cold weather. Plan get togethers, warm yourself by a fire, bake, and most of all be thankful! November was a solemn time before because it meant the beginning of loss for those who simply couldn't make it through the elements. In Europe, you'll hear them call it Oak Moon for the tree that would withstand the worst of snow storms.


This month is dubbed Cold or Long Night and for good reason. With the longest nights of the year, this can a very depressing time. Some places of the world don't even see daylight. This is the perfect time to work the darker spells, those that bind, deal with addiction, sorrow, grief, and such. This is also a time to give thanks to those that came before you and to remember their sacrifices that lead you to where you are today. While, this can be a very saddening season, this should also be one of gratitude, for you are here today and are surrounded by people who love you.

Other Moons and Meanings

Super Moons - When the moon is full, but also closest to the Earth in it's rotation
Blood Moons - Total lunar eclipse, often turning the moon red or pink
Black Moons - Are when two new Moons occur in the same month. Especially powerful for spiritual and darker spells.
Blue Moons - (as stated at the beginning) are when two Full Moons occur. These are best for goal setting.

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