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Love Magick | Fertility, Pregnancy, and Family Based Spells

Fertility and Family

Fertility is a complex issue with many facets of it's own. It can be an issue with simply wanting your partner to be on board with family planning to dealing with more sensitive issues such as not being able to get pregnant. In this section, I'll also include things like menstrual cycles and, of course, actual pregnant spells since they do play a large roll in fertility and family planning. Family spells can include anything from keeping your family close knit, to protection, to just having fun or increasing that love and bond.

Family Planning

Fertility spells can be a very intimate issue. A lot of times this comes with impotence and having to find a way around it. Unfortunately, magick is not a fix-all and when dealing with these issues, I always suggest going to a doctor and using modern methods as a first source with spells being something of a booster. There are multiple spells out there meant to assist you with getting pregnant including some really great kitchen witchery. I have meals planned out to help with getting pregnant as well as the stages of pregnancy. I've researched some great male and female specific impotency ingredients, like clotsfoot. So don't feel like you won't be able to find something that fits your specific need sufficiently, it's just... Touchy. There's also work that can be done to increase libido, reduce stress, and try to increase intimacy because all of those can be a factor if it's not medical, as well keeping up with your diet and exercise. I've used knot spells to keep a baby safe in the womb until it's ready to be birthed and other really useful information googling around, but all of these things should come with a warning that they may not work. Nothing in life is guaranteed and sometimes all the charms in world won't help. Even from my very religious views, sometimes it's just the Gods' will. I've seen spells where you can go for a very particular gender, and honestly, i wouldn't trust those at all. I would also put in this category adopting spells, simply because of the nature of the situation. You're still bringing a new love into your life.

Here are some foods for fertility:

Avacados, Carrots/Parsnips, Bananas, Apples, Strawberries, Cherries, Chestnuts, Asparagus, Beef, Cabbage, Celery, Cucumber

The Knot Spell to Help Pregnancy:

If you are having trouble carrying to term, use this spell in combination with your conception ritual. Begin by getting a sturdy piece of green rope (for growth). Tie one knot in it to represent the baby. Hold the rope gently in both hands and place it up against your heart and say, “Secured in my womb, a seed of love. There to grow and blossom until released by nature __months hence. Surrounded by safety, health, and wholeness you shall remain until this knot is undone.” Fill in the blank with the number of months until your due date, then keep the rope bundled in a baby blanket. When you go into labor, untie the knot at the hospital to release any pain and open the birth canal. (Credit to The Black Witch Coven)

Amulets to wear during pregnancy:

Cherry or avocado pits, and there's a couple other herbs to wear to help ease delivery. ( I sell some in my shop.)

Family Magick:

So as I said above, these include anything assisting your family and home.  A lot of this work will include dirt from the four corners of your home so that the spell has a kind of barrier, especially when it comes to protection spells. I prefer doing knot spells using the hair and clothes, like socks, when performing any kind of family magick because I feel those are just the best type over a candle spell. It's a lot more personal like it should be. There's, also, of course kitchen magick that would play a large role in family relationship magick, or scents that are often found around the house are good to keep for later get togethers. There's also work here to help you get out of pending poisonous family situations, because, of course, sometimes those things just happen. For those I suggest again some kind of knot or cord spell and even probably with dolls. I keep dolls of myself and my husband for ongoing work and I plan on making ones for my kids later on. There's a lot to use these for in terms of sicknesses and life situations where they made need an extra bit of help than the mundane can give. I do sell a jar spell to help the family get along in my shop as well as handmade Corn husk dolls

Knot spell to keep family close:

Take a sock from each person, preferably a used one still dirty. Take a strand of their hair and place it in the sock. Tie one sock to another until they form one long rope of socks. Tie the first and last sock together to join them saying:
"We are bound by blood
We are a family given to each other for love, support, trust, and happiness.
We are now bound through these knots to uphold those truths and honor and hold each other in our hearts.
A family is a bond never broken and neither will these knots."
Place this up somewhere out of reach in the home where it won't be disturbed. If you ever feel the need the cleanse your family of negative energy or to renew this love and bond, you can wash these socks in an appropriate herbal bath.

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