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Germanic Pagan Holidays | Gods & Goddess of Oimelc & Charming the Plow

I put these all on one post for ease of reference and because both holidays are celebrated around the same time. To learn more about each holiday follow the links: Oimelc and Charming the Plow

Son of Odin and giantess Gunnlod
God of Poetry
The bard of Valhalla

Einmyria :
Daughter of Loki and Glut
Goddess of Fire

Goddess of medicine, healing, and surgery

Eisa :
Daughter of Loki and Glut
Goddess of Fire

Daughter of Njordr
Goddess of love, sex, beauty, fertility, gold, war, and death

Goddess of Foreknowledge and wisdom

Goddess of agriculture, abundance, prosperity, and virginity

Daughter of Grimir and Alvor
Fire Giantess
Considered by some to be more of a mythological creature than an actual goddess. Often confused as being married to Loki.

Logi: (Halogi)
Son of  Fornjótr
God and personification of fire

Mengloth and Maidens:
Goddess of healing
Handmaidens: Hlif (women's problems), Hlifthrasa (respiratory system) , Thjodvara (bone, muscle, tendons, and other body mechanics), Bjort (fever), Bleik (purity or purification), Blith (mental problems), Frith (inner balance), Aurboda (making medicines and herbal healing),and Eir (listed above)

Goddess of fertility, abundance, sacrifice

Daughter of Billing
Goddess of winter (in general)
"Magically seduced" by Odin and gave birth to Vali

Skadi: (Skaði)
Daughter of Thiazi (Þjazi)
Giantess and Goddess of archery, bow hunting, mountains, winter weather
She's not necessarily a goddess and is only introduced into the pantheon through a marriage, though it failed. She is still beloved and worshiped as such

A fire Giant

Son of Sif, father is not known
God of archery, hunting, and all things related to winter such as skiing and skating, warlike
When Odin was in exile, Ullr ruled as chieftian


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