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Journey Through Tarot - Major Arcana | Death - 13 - Correspondences

Death - 13 -

Death, loss, transformation, new beginnings

Unable to let go, mourning, inability to change


In the traditional deck, death is portrayed as a skeleton in armor. In this particular deck, its not. In fact, its a beautiful angel on the back of a brown horse wielding her scythe. You'll notice she's barely looking over her shoulder in the direction of the man at a gravestone. Death is a burden to bring and this shows that while she may appear meek, she is inescapable and lies in wait. Its easy to see why this card could be such a worry to any who draw it. However, its the most misunderstood card in the deck. While death does seem final, its not. All things are reborn an made anew in death. It is a rebirth and new chance. This card usually only comes out during a major change in your life. It will feel as if everything you knew is coming to end, but there is a hand to guide you through the tunnel to the light. It can also mean that you need to transform yourself in more emotional way, but through this change there will be a great, new you, a better you. It can also mean that you need to release any negative traits or people in your life. They're wearing and tearing you down. They may even be the death of you.


This is often more the pain and destruction felt of not letting go of the past, or past habits. At it's worse it can be literal death, but it can also mean dangerous addictions. You need to clean yourself up and walk forward, one achingly slow step at a time. You may also be experiencing a mourning, but you shouldn't. You can be happy and still hold a place, person, or such dear. Remember the good times and celebrate their life, not their ending. If you're fearful of death, this could be a wake up call that death spares no man, woman, or child. Live your life to the fullest and enjoy what time you have. This could also relate to a long string of bad luck that never seems to end.






Blackberry, bramble, periwinkle


Amber, Bloodstone

Card Combinations to Look For

Magician - Skill Shortage
Chariot - Settling Down
Justice - Taxes
The World - Completion
Ace of Wands - Needing support
Five of Wands - comflict ending
Nine of Wands - Struggle ending
Ten of Wands -  Routines
Ace of Swords - Changing your mind
Three of Swords - Sadness ending
Four of Swords - Change your lifestyle
King of Swords - Business man
Ace of Cups - Find motivation
Two of Cups - Friendships ending
Six of Cups - Look to your childhood
King of Cups - Possessive man
Three of Pentacles - Changing careers
Five of Pentacles - Income increase
Nine of Pentacles - Over-spending
Ten of Pentacles - Inheritance money

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