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Color Correspondence | Candle and other forms of Magick

Color Magick

The colors of the candles is a serious discussion when introducing Candle Magick to people. We see this continue on through the colors of stones, fabrics, ink to write with, paper written on, and so much more. The meanings very rarely change, so this can be used a general color chart for all spell work. Please note that in some cases, even the shade can matter. These colors, however, span more than color magick and throughout nearly every kind of spell in a multitude of uses. This post will be sited for many different courses and uses.


Red : Action, Aries, assertiveness, attention, attraction, Beltane/May Day, birth, celebration, change, competition, conflict, courage, danger, excitement, energy, fire element, Imbolc, independence, life, love, lust, Mars, nails, passion, potency, sex, sexuality, southern cardinal direction, sports, strength, summer, survival, transformation, vitality, violence, war, warning, will, Yule/Jul

Orange : Action, adaptability, ambition, Autumn Equinox, confidence, conversation, fall, friendship, fun, joy, Jupiter, intellect, Lammas, opportunity, overcoming situations, Samhain, social skills, self-expression, success, vitality

Yellow : Air element, astral projection, Autumn Equinox charm, clarity, communication, concentration, consistency, creativity, the East, faith, flexibility, gaining knowledge, Gemini, happiness, harmony, imagination, inspiration, Lammas, learning, memory, Mercury, optimism, Ostara, persuasion, pleasure, protection, spirit communication, solar magick, study, success, the Sun, telepathy, tests, thought, travel

Light Green : Birth, children, fertility, growth, Ostara, new beginnings, new path, starting out, Pisces, spring time, youth

Dark Green : Abundance, acceptance, Beltane, changing attitudes, contracts, counteract, court, Earth element, Earth (planet), employment, environmental issues, envy, greed, growth, jealousy, Jupiter, learning, legal matters, luck, material gain, marriage, Mars, money, the North, peace, physical healing, prosperity, rebirth, resurrection, security, Summer Solstice, Taurus, teaching, weather, Venus, Virgo, Yule/Jul


Light Blue : Calm, good health, healing, hope, patience, peace, protection, spirituality, tranquility, understanding

Blue :  Afterlife, astral projection, Aquarius, communication, consistency, corporate world, devotion, dreams, domestic peace, emotions, faith, femininity, fidelity, focus, forgiveness, gentleness, good fortune, guidance, intelligence, justice, Libra, loyalty, prophetic powers, organization, reliability, sea life, sincerity, spiritual commitment, Summer Solstice, truth, understanding, Uranus, weight loss, will power, water element, the West, wisdom, 

Lavender : the East, hidden knowledge, honor, intuition, inspiration, opportunity, peace, tranquility


Purple : Ambition, authority, Aquarius, break habits, change luck, control, divination, domination, government, high magick, independence, influence, inner strength, Jupiter, meditation, mysticism, mild banishing, open mindedness, Pagan pride, persuasion, psychic ability, power, respect, spirit communication, spirituality, spiritual power, wealth, wisdom

Pink : Action, adoption, affection, calming, compassion, contentment, exercise, femitinity, friendship, harmony, Imbloc, infants, nurturing, Mars, maturity, morality, partnership, passion, personal success, physical energy, Pisces, protection of children, respect, romance, self love, self-improvement, selling animals, sex, surgery, Venus, virtue, young romance, 

Brown : Animal/pet magick, Autumn Equinox, Capricorn, concentration, construction, Earth element, family food, finances, friendship, grounding, growth, home magick, Imbolc, locating lost objects, material goods, real estate, Saturn, stability, strength, Virgo

Copper : Attraction (monetary), business success, career growth, fertility, passion,small amounts of money, 


Gold : Abundance, attraction, attention, enhancement, enlightenment, fast luck, great fortune, Leo, luxury, male energy, Ostara, prosperity, positive attitude, popularity, power, prosperity, success, solar/sun energy, understanding, wealth


Silver : awareness, Cancer, communication, connection to the divine, divination, dreams, exploring the self, feminine divinity, fertility, general luck, intuition, Lunar Deity, meditation, moon magick, the night, psychic victory, psychic awareness, revealing the truth, stability, the subconscious, victory, water, wishes

Grey : Capricorn, contemplation, glamour, loneliness, neutralizing, removing negative influence

Black :  Absorbs energy, assertiveness, banishing, binding, confidence, cursing, death, defense, focus, funerals, independence, learning, necromancy, pride, protection, releasing, repelling black magick, reversing, safety, Samhain, Saturn, seance, separation, scrying, Scorpio, shape-shifting, survival, uncrossing, unhexing, wisdom,


White : All purpose,  balance, Cancer, cleansing, confidence, consecration, death, endings, healing, innocence, magick involving young children or childhood, mental clarity, Moon, new beginnings, poise, purity, peace, spirit, truth, unity, Yule


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Karen Kleehammer

I have an enquiry, my brother and I both went to see a lady close to where we live she would give us 3 candles white red and green the colours of St George, which I also believe they were annointed with holy water, and we woud go home and burn them in a non windy spot. Then she would read the wax on return, which was very interesting. Do you know what type of candle reading this is please?

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