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Germanic Pagan Holidays | Celebrating Spring Equinox


Celebrating Spring

It seems that my last post on holidays really riled up some of my followers, but that was not the purpose of the post. The point in my religious journey is finding the truth, or what is closest to it. With that being said, this is how my family and I welcome in the spring.


For the most part we still abide by a more Easter like dinner, but more because if the timing. In this part of year you would most likely see small animals like rabbits, dove, or pheasant being hunted. My grandmother's cookbook has recipes for squirrel, but I don't think I could find enough let alone find the patience to properly check and butcher them. My husband, who's family is from Mexico, would usually kill a goat, but it's a lot of meat and I'm not keen on the grease. So we're most likely going for a traditional ham unless I can find pheasant. Spring time is best for root vegetables, peas, beans, and leafy greens. For dessert, a nice pear or strawberry crumble is best for this really season. Now a days, these items would simply be as the best price in grocery stores, so stock up if you can.


This month we don't really see anything special going on ritual wise. Maybe the March of Nerthus would be appropriate, but I think giving an offering of grain and fruit to our tree in the backyard is plenty. I plan on making corn husk dolls of Nerthus with her veil and then sitting her high in the tree branches just barely seen. This will mostly be a very busy time in the old days because these are planting and harvesting months. Little time for anything outside of the usual monthly Thing. With that being said, take the month to decorate your altar and clean your house and worship space. Take a ritual bath. Start working out or dieting. This would be the opportune season to start new habits. Plant any new crops or plants and dedicate them to the Gods. Because the nights are often still cold, many may still be lighting fires to guide spring in. Light a white candle at night or use a battery operated ones and keep them in the window sills. Never leave a burning candle unattended and always extinguish it before going to bed.


Tulips, daffodils, lilies, hyacinth, and bluebells are common flowers of the season. Pick up some fake ones for season long decor (or if you have allergies from Hel like I do) and place them in cases with long grasses or wheat. If you can afford it, change out fresh ones weekly. Create dollies, perfumes and oils, and besoms to hang. Use the besom to sweep into negative energy and always keep the close to a main door. Baskets, eggs, small birds and animals are still a very common sight, so use them to brighten your home. I just bought some cute carrot garland and I'm working on my besoms now. The best colors are of course yellow, lavender, pink, and light blue, but also all greens and browns. Have fun and comment what you're doing to be creative and festive. ❤️

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