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Candle Magick | Common Sense Safety

Safety Rules to Follow When Burning Candles

All of these make sense and should go without saying, but just in case...


1) Never leave a candle burning near pets or children.

2) Always use a heat resistant plate, bowl, or stand.

3) Never leave the candle burning out of sight.

4) If the herbs, oils, or string on the candle start to burn seemingly out of control, extinguish the flame immediately.

5) Always burn a candle on an open space of table.

6) Do not burn near a fan or wind.

7) Do not use more oil than enough to lightly coat the candle.

8) Do not use more than 1/2 a teaspoon of herbs on the candle per 4 ounces, or use just enough to roll the candle in for a light covering.

9) Do not burn a candle with herbs or oils on it for longer than an hour or two.

10) Do not move a candle after it has been lit.

11) Keep the wick trimmed 1/4 of an inch after putting the flame out.

12) Do not burn if the glass container starts to crack or already has a crack in it.

13) Always remember Smokey the Bear.

Blessed be, Witches. <3

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