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Sabrina & Wicca Submission


"Subission: dont really know how this works but i have so many questions since im very very new to witchcraft. im interested in Wicca after watching this netflix series called "chilling adventures with sabrina" if you could look into this film or even watch it and give me some insight on it that would be very very helpful of you. thank you so much!"


I wanted to take my time replying to this because this is actually a very loaded question and I feel every aspect of it deserves to be touched on.

First, I, personally am not Wiccan and neither is Sabrina in this current series or in the older ones. I'm a HUGE fan, so I do know what the show is and its based on a comic series. It's also using a lot of super old Satanic iconography (Baphomet, Lilith, witches being devil worshipers) and that's nothing what Wicca is about. It's not even what a lot of paganism is about. Now, there are a lot of paths to that kind of thing through, say, Quayin worship, St Cyprian, daemonology, and some sects of Satanism. There's also a number of paths that work with the darker aspects of witchcraft like Kimbanda, old English Folk Magick, and even some Asian paths like Thai. Now, they're not EVIL because they're more scary, so don't hesitate to take the subject up if it's what you want. One of my favorite Grimoires is The Wicked Shall Decay and it has some crazy stuff in there, but its interesting and knowledge is neither good nor evil.

Secondly, Wicca is just one path of Paganism and witchcraft. Some are non-religious. Some are only religious and won't admit to using the craft. Either way you slice it, though, Wicca is simply one facet of the religious diamond.

Third, as someone who is new, I have to tell you that witchcraft is NOTHING like how Hollywood portrays it.  We aren't cannibals. We don't fly. We can't transfigure ourselves into other people or posses another being. If that's your interest, then witchcraft isn't for you because you will be largely disappointed at how mundane and boring we are. Even the more odder ones like myself.


If you are honestly interested, then I suggest you first read into the cultures and lore of different people and their practices. Their day to day like impacted and was so closely linked to the spiritual that it's pretty much, in my opinion, the most important part of choosing your path. Now, like I said above, if you want to dig deeper into the "blacker" arts, have at it! There's a lot of information that is very well studied and worth reading unlike that in Barnes & Noble. Every path has it's belief and practice and not all of them believe the moon is a goddess or even use crystals. I feel taking this route will work best for any person who is starting out and it removes the overload of regurgitated neo-pagan beliefs while not wasting your time by learning things you don't use or even need.

I hope all of this is helpful in your journey and if you have any further questions, feel free to contact me.


Blessed be,

Dame Hexe


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